Friday, April 28, 2006


Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

Another pic from the visit to the Art Gallery of NSW last weekend. This pair of Sphinx (Sphinxes?) act as guardians at the entrance to the park opposite the gallery. It took quite a while to get this pic because people kept wandering into the frame, but I got it eventually. It also took quite a bit of effort to get my point and shoot camera to focus how I wanted, and while it could be a bit better and sharper I like it anyway.

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duane said...

That is precisely why I want an SLR. Sometimes I just stand there taking shot after shot because my damn P&S won't focus like I want! Bloody P&S! GAH!

But... you nailed it!

The Other Andrew said...

Grazie. It took a bit of futzing, getting the camera to focus and then moving it to frame the composition... bring on the SLR I say! (Next week maybe, w00t!)