Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sleepless In Sydney Town

It's early morning here, dawn was just a little while ago. I've been up for over an hour, and awake for a little while longer than that. I've been sitting in Morgan's lovely apartment admiring the view as the sun rose, listening to the crows calling, watching the light change and looking at pics on Flickr on his laptop. A bit frustrated with myself for lack of sleep, but feeling quite content anyway.

Morgan is fast asleep in the other room, and I'll go in and wake him up with a cuddle soon as we need to pack and set off for the three hour drive to Canberra today, for Robyn & Jeremy's wedding. I'm looking forward to showing him off to my friends, introducing him to the people I care about. Come and look, come and see this precious treasure I found, how rare and beautiful it is.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Michael Guy said...

Stunning gift box! I'm particularly fond of the color juxtaposition of orange against its opposite--blue. Naturally the irridescent ribbon seals the deal; you give good gift!

Have a delightful weekend, Andrew & Morgan.

Michael said...

Lawd have mercy, I can't think of a better start to a weekend than being awakened by a snuggle.

Today I changed my work screensaver from Whistler Mountain to the Sydney Harbour. Maybe some time this year I should get a little of that mornin' sugar? (the chaste iteration, of course)

Lish said...

nThat is so romantic.