Wednesday, April 05, 2006

5 Reasons Why Today Is (As The Young Folks Say) "The Bomb"

  1. It's Autumn, and today is going to be 29C (that's like 85F or something). Summer clings on by a fingertip.
  2. Despite taking my eye off the ball, and almost eating whatever I darn well like over the past 2 weeks, I've still dropped a small amount of weight. Not quite starlet-thin yet, but heading in the right direction.
  3. Making plans for a drive to the mountains with the boy this weekend, to meet up with my friend Andrew F, go bushwalking and stop by the Blackheath gourmet food & wine fair. Sweet.
  4. A date tonight with you know who to see V for Vendetta.
  5. Despite waking up early again this morning (note to self: 5am wake-ups are ludicrous, m'kay?) I'm feeling a lot less tired and the stuffy sinus of the last few days seems to be abating. Feeling good.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

V for Vendetta is FAB. SO jealous that you'll be seeing it with someone bright and hot with whom you can discuss and snog post-viewing. It's really, really good on its own, but is no doubt enhanced by apres-discourse.

I'm up at 5:00A every day. And sometimes I'm even out of bed. ::rimshot::

The Other Andrew said...

The term 'rimshot' always makes me oddly squirmy, not sure why.

I'm looking forward to V For Vendetta, partly for the story and art direction, and partly for holding hands with the boy in a darkened cinema. BTW, interesting factoid - Morgan informs me that Dublin slang for snogging is "shifting". Cool huh?

morgan said...

Mmmm, shifting and holding hands in a darkened cinema :)

Miss Eudoxia said...

Look forwward to your critique on V for Vendetta, if you can remember any of it between shifting and handholding :-)
It is a glorious day...that change of season feeling again, mmmmm, oh , and welcome to the get up at 5am enjoy so much more of the day that way.

Michael Guy said...

'rimshot?!' Isn't that a basketball term? I mean, how many touchdowns make a rimshot?! I am so not into sports. Though I'm rather fond of athletic supporters.

Enjoy the movie; I wanna see V for Vendetta as well. Probably go alone.

The Other Andrew said...

Morgan, sounds fab. :)

Miss E, sorry but 5am = not fun. Yes you see more of the day, which in theory is a good thing, but 5am! Urgh.

Miss Eudoxia said...

'spose if I had a reason to stay snuggled up in bed past 5am I would :-)
but seriously....early morning is the best time for bushwalks, and today was gardening at dawn.
PS the oregano and Basil need serious pruning so if you want some fresh herb let me know and I will drop them off when next in Sydney.

The Other Andrew said...

Michael G, I'm an athletic supporter supporter too. Re: V For Vendetta, the BF not into that sort of movie?

Miss E, absolutely I will take some basil etc - mmmm, pesto. BTW - ever tried coriander (cilantro for the Americans) pesto? Faaaaaabulous.

morgan said...

Maybe that's what you need, A: a reason to stay snuggled up in bed past 5am.

I like the feel of that, Miss E.

Michael Guy said...

Andrew, the BF and moi differ in political perspectives. Frankly the film is over his head and I don't want to hear 'what'd they do that for?' or 'who is he again?' throughout my viewing pleasure.

Basically I can go alone and keep all the candy for myself.

The Other Andrew said...

Morgan, I feel the need for a 'sleep in' coming on!

Michael G, I see. Yah, that would drive me nuts. Don't eat too much candy - remember, starlet-thin!

Miss Eudoxia said...

TOA, please don't start me on the coriander. I love the stuff but alas have the black thumb of death when it comes to trying to grow it. I have offically given up trying. You are more than welcome to come up an have a pesto making session with the herb garden before the frosts kick in and kill the Basil.

Bodhi said...

Baas .. ill!

Sorry, Faulty Towers fan from way back ;-)

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Bodhi, that'd be "Fawlty Towers"... again, spot the lawyer in the middle of a hearing.
TOA and Morgster (if I may call you "Morgster") let me know how the movie goes (the story that is, not the shifiting: I can guess how that will go ;-) ) Alan Moore did the original comic it is based on (he also did "Watchmen" one of my all time favourites) but has apparently disowned this production which makes me nervous. Still, it has Elrond himself, Hugo Weaving in the title role, so that's good. Sorry, I released my inner uber-geek for a moment, there.

morgan said...

Morgster is a new one, but it's not unappealing :)

I read both Watchmen and V for Vendetta as they originally came out. As V for V is now over 20 years old as a story, and was very much a product of its time, it'll be interesting to see how its adapted for the screen.

Alan Moore hasn't liked any film adaptations of his work, has he?

I still think of Hugo Weaving as Mitzi, btw.

The Other Andrew said...

They were interviewing the director on tv and asked him about Alan Moore's reaction. The director was a bit frustrated with Alan Moore, as he said Moore keeps selling his graphic novels to studios to have movies made of them then turns around and throws a Diva fit after they're made. Maybe he should stop selling them, was the director's reaction. Apparently the only film Moore has ever allowed to have his name on (which one it is escapes) is also supposed to be the one that is least like the original book.