Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Cheer

Sadly, as far as I know anyway, there are no Buddhist holy days celebrated with chocolate. We should probably work at changing that.

So in lieu of any Buddhist Chocolate Festival I thought I'd get in early with a little pre-emptive Easter cheer. It's Thursday morning in my part of the world, the last work day before the 4 day Easter weekend. Let's just say that one more time - 4 day Easter weekend. Such a pretty, pretty little collection of words, don't you think?

I have lots planned for this Easter break, a whirlwind of social engagements and catching up with people. Slotted in with plenty of time to spend with Morgan of course. Tonight we're off to the #15 Midweek meet-up for the Flickr group Sydney Photobloggers, the group that was instrumental in bringing Morgan and I together. Tomorrow night I'm catching up with Miss Eudoxia (who also takes wonderful photos) and a few other friends for dinner and an evening photoshoot around Sydney Harbour. Saturday afternoon is a group photo shoot with the Sydney Photobloggers at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. In the evening we're planning on having dinner with Morgan's friends I think. Sunday we're catching up with my friend Stephen, who is in town from Brisbane. Monday I think is unplanned at this stage.

Whew, busy but should be lots of fun. So, what mischief is everyone else getting up to?


Miss Eudoxia said...

Your PA here.....I do believe that Monday brunch may be taken by brunching with Mikey the Lovely ex et al.....(help me out here Mikey).

Re the chocolate thing. I personally subscribe to the fact that EVERY day is a day for eating chocolate, suits me fine. In fact I might be so kind as to bring some of my super duper special choc mousse for tomorrow's photo night. I did promise Bodhi some though...'spose yu can take the empty container home for him to lick out :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Oops, of course! Thanks for the reminder.

Mmmmm.... chocklit.

Michael said...

Coo coo coo coo
I'm heading off to the Great White North
It's a beauty way to go, eh.

That's me doing Canadian. And in a perfect world, I'll be doing my Canadian while doing a Canadian mountie. No Eastery things or chocolatey things as I'm traveling with the wandering Jews (don't observe the former, allergic to the latter). Wish me bluebird days on the slopes, Home Slice.

As you noted over at my joint, lots of photos, photos, photos. OK, Bubbula?

The Other Andrew said...

Okeley dokely, Homo Slice. I'm having a Paul Gross in "Due South" moment all of a sudden. That boy gave good Mountie unifrom. Plus, I loved the dog Deiffenbacher.

Place nicely with the Jews On Ice. Have fun. Get laid if you can.

Q - 60s girl said...

And then she reached her upload limit and pondered on a pro account. Or will she be patient enough to wait till next month? We'll see...
The Sydney Photobloggers sounds and looks like such good fun!
I am working the break. You all have a brilliant weekend with friends and family :) x

The Other Andrew said...

You reached your Flickr limit already? Are you uploading your pics at a very large size? Like, at the original size you took them at.

One thing I do is use some sort of graphics package (PhotoShop or whatever you have) to save each pic at a smaller size jpeg - I use 600 pixels x 450 pixels as a standard size. They still look good on the screen, load faster and the file size is much smaller (100k or smaller usually). You might want to try this in future if you have some way to save your pics smaller.

Of course, the Pro account is about $33 Aussie for a year and you get 2GB a month...

Have a great Easter! Enjoy.

Q - 60's girl said...

Oh good, thanks TOA :)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

so far, this easter has been about not going to festival and not popping out a baby!


but at least it's a change from the usual ;)

have a good one TOA!

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