Monday, April 24, 2006


Monday morning is weekend recap time, and in a life largely spent lurching from self enduced crisis to self enduced crisis, I like having this small degree of structure.

Friday night I stayed over at Morgan's apartment and cooked dinner for the two of us. Morgan and I had both had short but hellishly busy weeks, so we just hung out and watched a DVD (The outrageously fun 2001 UK mini-series Metrosexuality. There's more info in this Wikipedia entry.) and then had an early night.

Saturday morning was Haircut Day, so I headed off into Newtown for my haircut while Morgan finished off some work from home. Afterwards Morgan joined me in Newtown for a wander around, a bit of window shopping and a coffee at Campos.

Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

I snapped this pic of a cute couple having a Public Display of Affection in Campos. One of the things I love about Newtown, and much of the inner West of Sydney, is that we of the homosexualist pursuasion are largely able to be ourselves without anyone batting an eyelid. Morgan and I hold hands almost everywhere we go, and even though you need to exercise a little discretion at times to avoid danger (sad but true) the vast majority of Sydneysiders in the inner city just take it in their stride.

Later on Saturday afternoon I started feeling a bit achey and developed a bit of a headache, and it turned out I was starting to come down with a bug. One which made its presence felt in grand fashion with a massive wave of nausea and lightheadedness while sitting down to dinner at a restaurant with Morgan and a friend. (No, it wasn't after the bill arrived.) Consequently I spent much of Sunday on the couch at Morgan's, feeling achey, hot and nauseous. Nurse Morgan tended my fevered brow with gentle ministrations, so even being sick has some advantages.

Late afternoon we were both feeling a little stir crazy, so we headed into the city to take a walk around the Art Gallery. I enjoyed it, even though I was still feeling a bit unwell and very achey. Afterwards I headed home for an early night.

Truth is I'm still sick, so I'm not really firing on all cylinders today. It sounds like at least two of my workmates have had to deal with a similar issue over the weekend with almost identical symptoms. Given that it is a Public Holiday here tomorrow for ANZAC Day it would have been a bit suspect if we had called in sick today. Were it any normal week I certainly would have.

So, OK not the most rivetting of weekend recaps. As reportage goes, maybe it could use some work. Sex up some aspects and emphasise the drama of others. Add in a car chase.

All this rambling? It's the fever talking.


DV said...

You poor little snausage. Go back to bed, sip flat lemonade, read trashy magazines and get the lovely Morgan to wipe your fevered brow some mor. It's always worked for me. Well, not the Morgan bit.

The Other Andrew said...

Alas, sitting at my hateful desk instead, would that I could go back to bed though! :(

morgan said...

Maybe this link will cheer you up a little.

The Other Andrew said...

:) All your grammar are belong to us.

DestructoMeg said...

mmmm Campos is one of my favourite places.