Thursday, April 06, 2006


Just so that you know it's not all sunshine and smiles in my world, this morning I've been working my way into a crabby mood. I took a 1/4 of a sleeping pill last night, still woke up at 5am but then went back to sleep until the alarm went off at 7. I must have been deeply asleep when the alarm went off, woke up feeling muzzy headed and out of sorts, and to be frank I haven't quite come good yet. Two coffees haven't yet done the trick. All this on a 1/4 of a pill, I mean if I ever developed a drug habit I would be sure to get value for money at least.

My boss is off to Italy from this weekend, and so of course there's a huge volume of work to get through and lots of last minute mayhem and histrionics to be had. To cap that off I've had to play 20 questions with two computer repair guys this morning. It took a closed office door and 10 minutes of flicking through the Tom Ford issue of Vanity Fair to bring my blood pressure back to human proportions. I've never snapped "Just fucking fix it" to a workman (and probably never will) but the sentence did cross my mind this morning.

Morgan, see there's a dark side.


Miss Eudoxia said...

This goes back to my 5am wake up thing. You should have gotten up and enjoyed the morning. Going back to sleep for an hour or two is a sure way to get a blinder headache and feel like crap all day (which is what I did at 4am this morn, and I am having a shocker as well).
My dark side showed with " you are willing to take responsibility if I drive home and get killed on the way?". We aren't allowed to disharge a dog for 4 hours after a general anaesthetic, so why can they turf humans out so quickly to die on the road??
Thank you for letting me vent :-)

Q - 60's girl said...

TOA its all good, remember it was you told me you know your limitations and you do. You just acknowledged them and the computers were fixed in the end? (i hope):-)

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah, it's all good. One of the computer guys is still here, keeps asking me questions that sound like a foreign language (and not just because he has a Viennese accent). I just fixed him with a LOOK over my glasses and informed him that hardware 'ins't my thing'. The other guy, the insanely chipper printer technician, is coming back tomorrow. Turns out the fixed printer, well, isn't. Oh, and I still a 100 thing (or close) on my To Do List.


morgan said...

Roll on Friday afternoon.

Q - 60's girl said...

lol - sounds funny (when it's not you)

Better be careful looking over the top of your glasses (all sexy like that i imagine) - who knows what he could be saying with that foreign accent lol. You had better start saying stuff like 'No thank you i already saw that movie with Morgan' in case he is asking you out!

Yay roll on Friday! and the printer guy will be back for MORE STRESS - they should be able to f@#%*&$ fix it. Isnt that their job? and it looks so simple - it plugs in, its has ink and paper how hard can it be honestly....

dani said...

i hope by this point in the day things have improved and all this sun and wind has put a little rosiness back into your world view, or at least your cheeks.

The Other Andrew said...

Well, everyone has kind of left me alone for the rest of the day so at least that side of the stress has diminished. :) Now all I need to do is debug the data import I'm trying to do (unsuccessfully I might add) and then the day will be even better! The printer will stay unfixed until tomorrow, it works but makes a hell of a noise. We have other printers. The sky isn't falling.

I've been a bit headache-y and and sinus-y Dani, and I think the windy day might actually be partly to blame.

Bodhi said...

I having not been feeling entirely physically well all week, but this morning I just woke up feeling completely craptacular.

I am not at work, taking a sick day. I'm in the city on the way to my Doctor's, and thought I would quickly check out my email at an internet cafe.

But its not all bad pour moi either. Yesterday, my boss informed me of my yearly bonus.

$5,500 additional bucks in my next pay.


Feeding at the corporate trough, baby!

Some of that will go toward the diamond and sapphire ring I have been promising The Kid for years regards her 16th Birthday. She turns 16 on April 23. The rest is going straight off my credit card.

And last night, at my Coming Out Mens Group, the co-ordinator running the group thanked moi for my comments during the evening, saying that he 'learnt a lot from me'.

Hmmmm. Go figure. But that was kinda nice.

And, after seeing my Doctor, I am off to my weekly gay therapist. Nothing makes one feel better than a cute Italian doing one's hair.

And, as another aside, there is a really cute American dude with an adorable accent sitting at the terminal next to me.

Yummmmm. Now that's what the Doctor should order ...

Anyhoo, must go ...

Q - 60's girl said...

Ahh thats nice The Kid will be so pleased :)

Michael Guy said...

God! I go to bed for just a few wee hours and miss all this talk of sleeping pills, fucked printers, dumb repairmen & bonus money!

TOA, yes--done the pill thing at 2am only to crawl--zombie-like, into work in the morning. Upside: asleep immediately; downside: walked into wall at office. And to think I did TWO of those fuckers at my Dad's funeral. Which is why I only remember bits and pieces of the day.

I don't deal w/ repairmen very well. Unless they're hunky-types; then I can become very knowledgeable as to what the problem is; let's sit down and talk about this paper jam, shall we? M'kay?!

PS: I keep the TOM FORD Vanity Fair issue in my top left desk drawer; emergency use only.

The Other Andrew said...

MG, I've realised that getting less sleep I still function better than if I take even a 1/4 Evil Pill, so I'm done with them. Get thee hence, Evil Pills! I wake up really easily, and I'm on full mental functioning within a few seconds, so the whole 'muzzy headed' thing does not sit well with me.

Insanely chipper printer guy had short cropped hair + mustache + silver bangle + wedding ring = mixed messages.

morgan said...

Insanely chipper printer guy had short cropped hair + mustache + silver bangle + wedding ring = mixed messages

Means "gay man in a long term commited relationship", to me. Although the moustache is a bit old fashioned - maybe he kept it from when he met his boyf?

The Other Andrew said...

Yes, maybe. He could just be one of those straight guys that give off a tiny bit of a 'vibe'. Either way, he sure is taking the happy pills. When I say 'chipper' I mean !!!CHIPPER!!! - he's kind of exhausting to talk to.