Tuesday, April 04, 2006

TAR Phil!

I just said "Hey" to the man himself. The Amazing Race maestro himself, everyone's favourite pear shaped dude, Phil.

He was signing books at Angus & Robertson's bookstore in Pitt St Mall here in Sydney. Unfortunately I was out of time to stop and get a book signed (there was a queue and it was the end of my lunch break) and sadly my camera was in my bag back at the office as well, but I did give him a lamo wave and "Hey Phil!".

Well, it was something at least.


Q - 60's girl said...

Ewwwww! You should have given him all the running commentary on his sexuality...lol

Michael Guy said...

Surely minor celebrity does not turn your pretty head? Afterall you're corresponding with someone who stood across the street from The Drake Hotel in 1996 shouting "Diana" as HRH exited the revolving doors. It was her state-side visit and she was absolutely, most definitely--without question, perfectly radiant and princess-like in her gracious waves to the crowd assembled. I was thisclose.

:: sigh ::

Michael said...

Minor celebrity?! Girl, you trippin'. MyPhil is the BOMB. I may have resisted screaming like a teenage girl, but I certainly would have done the gay inhale before hollering his name. Like I'm sure you did, Andrew. Oh, and I certainly would have touched him before security forcibly removed me.

freakgirl said...

Must drop in just to point out that I have touched Phil. Twice.

I just barely resisted "screaming like a teenage girl."

TOA, have you picked up Phil's book? I haven't yet, but I've been meaning to. The one where he writes about having a list of things to do before he dies? He says he's almost done with his list.

Michael said...

I have it, freakgirl. Haven't finished it yet. But it's on my list.