Monday, April 24, 2006

Dante Got It Wrong

The 5th Circle of Hell is not the muddy waters of the River Styx, outside the city of Dis. It is in fact:
  1. Running a fever
  2. Making an ill advised trip down into a crowded Victoria's Basement, discount homewares purveyors to the masses, at lunchtime... during a sale... in search of a wedding present
  3. James Blunt's whinetastic "Goodbye My Lover" playing on the PA

Dante did however rightly describe it as the dominion of the Wrathfull and The Sullen. He was on the money there.


Jodie Sorrell said...

Only James Blunt played on a PA, surely that's being unkind to PA systems everywhere. I would have just left 3 at James Blunt ;-)

Surely, you a Sydneysider from way back know better than to take a trip to VB at Lunch Time, fever or no!

btw. word verication sucks if you are dyslexic!

Michael Guy said...

Might I add the 12th cirlce of hell? Getting ass-fucked after dsyentery in Mexico.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

I don't know, MG. I think, depending on how long after the dysentery, that might be a case of "one man's poison is another man's meat."

The Other Andrew said...

I can't take my eye off you boys for a minute, can I? Ummm, ewww you guys. :)