Monday, April 21, 2008

Wintery Weekend

Weekend recap time! Gone are the posts of I didn't do much but knit, this weekend was choc-a-block.

Saturday I futzed around the house a bit, and then in the afternoon (as it poured with rain) I plugged in my vcr and dug out the tapes of Stonewall and Parting Glances. (I was curious to watch Parting Glances again, after having just written about it the other day.) Oh, and of course I did do some knitting while I was watching the movies. The Devil makes work for idle hands you know!

Then on Saturday night I went a housewarming/birthday combined party at my friend Andrew's house, and dragged James along for the ride. It was a fun party. I stopped drinking alcohol some weeks back when I found out that I was having liver problems, so with the exception of one light beer at the pub beforehand, it was a dry night. I had a good time, and I met a really interesting and eclectic bunch of people. I don't miss drinking alcohol because I've never really been much of a drinker, but I do sort of miss the inhibition lowering aspect of it. I can feel a bit shy with people in a setting like a party, although everyone was really friendly and interesting, and I had an amazing chat with one young guy who has just started the process of recovery from alcoholism.

Sunday late morning I went to a birthday party for my friend Speedy's (aka "World Peace & A Speedboat) son. Cupcakes, kids underfoot, friends, and (importantly) party hats:

Beware the Natashasaurus!

Then on Sunday afternoon I spent a lovely 4 hours or so with my good friend Stephen who was visiting from Queensland. A bite to eat, some wandering around Newtown, a couple of drinks at the pub (non-alcoholic for me) and most importantly, catching up with each other. It was lovely!

So that's my weekend. It poured with rain for most of it, but even though it was cold and wet outside, it was a warm weekend of friendship and hanging out with new friends and old.


Michael said...

I really love the birthday hat picture. What a great idea!

Cold outside, warm inside with sweet.

It's really starting to feel like spring here. Finally. The days are getting longer and the bulbs are all in bloom. This will be my first summer in almost 16 years without a lawn/landscaping to care for. I wonder if I'll miss it.

The Other Andrew said...

I wish it were spring here. I miss spring. Why isn't it spring?

I'm as horny as if it was spring. Overshare?

Ur-spo said...

what a great idea for party hats!
I will pass it on to the nephews.

misbhvn said...

sounds like a fun weekend, and oyu know the more you go out without the alcohol the easier it gets. I rarely drink and when i do it is usually only one or two drinks. I actually enjoy going out more because of it!

All your knitting made me sit down and knit a beanie for Dai last week, I started another one the folowing night, but haven't touched it since...should do some more knitting in front of the tv at night.


The Other Andrew said...

Hey Babs, I knit most knits with the tv on. I'm half way through the second mitt of another pair of mittens (this time not Barney coloured). I have previously stopped drinking for years at a time, it's no biggie, the only time I really miss it is in a social situation where it would be nice to be 'relaxed'.

bernard said...

U were still pretty relaxed, and u did appear to be having a pretty good time! Just a pity we don't (yet) have pics of you in some of the hats at Sat evening's soiree!

The Other Andrew said...

I did have a good time!

thombeau said...

I've never been much of a drinker????

Have you ever actually read your blog?

Just sayin'.