Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I screwed up a bit yesterday and completely forgot I was supposed to be at a training course. Oops. I was in the office earlier than normal, wrote a blog entry, did some work, had a supervision meeting with my senior manager, and then got back to my desk where the woman I share an office with asked me if I was supposed to be at the training course. Um, yeah. Crap! So I flew out the door and got there an hour late. Thankfully it wasn't a problem.

Of course now I have to try and meet the deadlines I missed yesterday.

Urgh. Wanna trade lives? No, really?


thombeau said...


Hang in there, baby!

The Other Andrew said...

Eh, it's all good. Mostly! ;P

Michael said...

Wanna trade lives? No, really?

I'm on the couch in my jimjams watching the NCAA Women's Basketball Championships. In Ohio. Get back to me.

The Other Andrew said...

Sounds nice, can I get in your jimjams too?