Monday, April 07, 2008

The Flicks

This story about a guy who decided to open his own cinema really appeals to me. Not that strange you might think, people open cinemas all the time! Ah, but this one is a converted mortuary building, and only seats 49 people on a variety of seats and couches found via Craigslist. Kooky!

I love people who pursue eccentric endeavours like this! Who do something that appears completely insane at first glance, but make it work. What amazes me is that he's turning a profit and is able to show current release first-run movies. I think that's pretty cool, and in this day and age of corporate megaplexes I'm glad that there is still space for independent cinemas.

Even if they only seat 49 people. Or, especially.


jason said...

So cool!
Especially the couches.

The Other Andrew said...

Exactly, I can see why he says DVDs are his biggest competition because it would kind of almost be like curling up on your own sofa.

ARJ said...

Sometimes when I am being maudlin I daydream about taking over the Hub, cleaning it up and showing funky classic flicks or host cinema parties or something. Would be tough to compete with the Dendy just down the road though.

The Other Andrew said...

Given The Hub's history as an uber-skanky porn cinema it would take some cleaning! Ewwww. I like the idea though, it should be put to some good use.