Tuesday, April 01, 2008

5 Oddments for Tuesday, April Fool's Day Edition

  • No pranks so far, although I've started ending every interaction at work with "You're joking, right!?". Sadly, nobody has been.
  • I'm off to see the latest stage show version of "The Rocky Horror Show" tonight. Can't wait!
  • Generally speaking, Tuesday are the most meh day of the week don't you think? Mondays have Mondayitis, Wednesdays are Hump Day, Thursday is Downhill Slide To The Weekend and Fridays are when the band strikes up the Weekend Overture. What's Tuesday?
  • A picture fell and smashed over my head last night, like something from a slapstick comedy routine. Once I checked and double checked that I wasn't cut, and gingerly stepped out of the circle of broken glass, it was actually kind of funny.
  • It would have been even funnier with a Zooooink! sound effect, like on Funniest Home Videos or something. I think my life needs a laugh track. Wouldn't that be awesome?


bernard said...

only played one prank - reversed the mouse keys and slowed it down to geriatric speed.

Nothing happened to me.

Slapstick Monday, huh? Gods way of punishing you for watching commercial TV...

Jodie Sorrell said...

Make sure you have fun at Rocky that is only sitting in your seat and tapping your thigh, I hear dancing and dress-up is frowned upon but the theatre staff.

Tuesday = whatsthepointday?

mrpeenee said...

I think you need a theme song too. And a wacky side kick.