Monday, April 28, 2008

5 Thoughts For Monday, April 28th.

  • I passed a discarded bunch of 3 long stemmed pink roses this morning. Wilted, and still in their acetate wrapper and ribbon. Jilted lover? Apology gone bad? Apology never made? Break-up? What do you think?
  • Mmmmmm, coffee this morning was (again) followed by mmmmmm, cute redhead. I'm glad he's still around, because I hadn't seen him buying his morning coffee for a while.
  • Like, OMG, the grand finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" was so excellent last night. My two favourite boys were in the final duo, so I was happy that either of them won. Yay Jack!
  • And while I'm still like all OMG and everything, the opening sequence was brilliant! Not only did it include all of the top 20 (so they think they can) dancers, but all of the judges and the key choreographers from the season too. Cute idea, and fun to see the judges busting some moves.
  • We had a huge turnout for knitting at the pub yesterday, including a bunch of newbies. At one point I had a somewhat bizarre conversation with an American guy that came up to chat to us. First off, "Are you guys knitting because you've given up smoking or something?" Um, no. Because a) we like doing it, b) it's kind of meditative and relaxing and c) because you can make cool stuff. Then he turned his gaze on me and started talking about guys knitting, and shared the gem that in the past when he has "read guys' profiles" and they stated that they liked knitting he had been all "um, okay" (the 'you weirdo' was implied). Then he went on to say he thought it was cool. Um, okay. Thanks. (My 'you weirdo' was implied.)


Cecilia said...

I was also happy Jack won! And I agree, it was cool to see the judges in the opening routine.

How did I miss the weirdo American guy at knitting yesterday?? I do remember an article in the papers a while back talking about knitting as a way to give up smoking. Maybe that explains at least some of the weirdness.

As for the dead roses: casualty of the long weekend?

The Other Andrew said...

I would have liked for Rhys to have one, because I really like his personality and everything, but I guess I feel like Jack is just that TINY BIT better as a dancer. I would have been happy either way, but Jack didn't set a foot wrong through the whole series.

The guy came up and spoke to me and Pris at one point. Maybe you were off getting drinks?

The Other Andrew said...

one = won.


Michael said...

Americans just don't get it.