Saturday, October 06, 2007


I do so like a tasty beverage of the alcoholic variety.

At certain times in my life, in fact even for much of the life of this blog, I have been a tee-totaller. For years at a time. Even now I'll sometimes go weeks without a drink, unless a social situation involving alcohol rears its head. I normally don't ever have any alcohol at home, primarily for that reason, that I only drink socially. I'm a 'take it or leave it' kind of guy.

Having said that, I have a new blog love. Jay Hepburn is a twenty something mixologist living in London, who writes a very informative and entertaining blog about cocktails, Oh Gosh!.

I found Jay's blog through the LGBT blog listings at Globe Of Blogs, so I assume he is of the homosexualist persuasion. I mean, he set out to mix the cocktails featured in "Sex & The City" so, like, you tell me right? Anyhoo, the topic is very much cocktails (the drinkable kind) and Jay provides lots of good advice, anecdotes, reviews, recipes and some snappy writing.

Check it out and get mixing like responsible adults who drink in moderation.


Jay Hepburn said...

Thanks for the kind words Andrew - I'm glad you are enjoying my site. I am indeed a gentleman who cannot throw. The Sex and the City feature was rather a give away wasn't it?

Tell me, have you given any of the recipes a try yet? I'm always interested to hear how people new to cocktails get on with their first drinks.


The Other Andrew said...

Hey there Jay, thanks for stopping by. After I wrote this I read the remainder of your archives and realised, yes indeed, the voice of a fellow invert. Hurrah!

thombeau said...

Most excellent!

The Other Andrew said...

Thombeau, I know, right!? Such a cool blog.

Jay, I would list my fave cocktails so far as Caprioska/Caprinia(sp?), Lychee Martini and Cosmopolitans. I definately prefer a sour/bitter trend, like my moods, although the Lychee Martini is a ring-in, being a bit sweet.