Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I don't know if it's the stars, fate, my on and off again insomnia, or my imagination, but this week so far has been like one long slog uphill. Work is kicking my ass at the moment, money is tight until payday tomorrow and my sciatica is still making me feel 100 years old. I kind of think this blog has reflected that mood to some degree, but then I am my own harshest critic after all.

Actually, Anonymous who left me some lovely homophobic comments on some old posts recently is probably my harshest critic, but then Anonymous never was known for their kindness.

Oh my God, do you hear that? Whinge, whinge, whinge right? Gah. Next thing you know I'll be turning into one of those teen bloggers that describes their blogs as "random thoughts and ravings". (Pet hate, the descriptor "random" about things that clearly aren't. FYI. Ditto "awesome".)

Anyhoo. There is light at the end of the tunnel, the good kind of light not the 'train approaching' kind of light. On Monday a new staff member starts, which means I can go back to doing just one job instead of two, and I can take up my promotion once that person is trained. Tomorrow is pay day (HUZZAH!). Friday I start physiotherapy to hopefully improve the sciatica situation. Tomorrow night is "So You Think You Can Dance Night".

As the young people say, "It's all good". OMG, that's so random.

[Updated: 11:55am. Actually, today has gotten a bit better already, or at least my attitude to it has. I credit you in part, I mean you're such a good listener. We're talking catharsis here. You should get paid for doing this, really. OK, you're a little taciturn right now but at least you don't interrupt. Wanna make out a little?]


Jodie Sorrell said...

It's now past noon and officially more than 50% through HUMP day. It can only get better from here.

The Other Andrew said...

Word, sister.

Cecilia said...

When I'm feeling like this I always like company. So if you are like me, this might cheer you up.
In the last week I have:
1. Lost the hot water to my apartment.
2. Gone outside wearing odd shoes without noticing.
3. Done the wrong reading--for a class I'm teaching!
4. Gone to work without my wallet and my lunch.
5. Had an enormous moth fly into me while I was teaching.
6. Lost the hot water to my apartment again.

I think this is a sign I should go to bed now and get up in, oh, a month???

The Other Andrew said...

Oh, my gah. YIKES. That's awful Cecilia.

You know what you need, a good session of knitting (and a beverage) at The Courthouse Hotel! :)