Friday, October 12, 2007

Changing My Ways

I'm determined to change my ways. No, correction, I've started changing my ways.

I can be a bit of a horder, especially with books and magazines. I often re-read them, and I don't know maybe it's that I relish all the ideas, the inspiration that they provide, that makes me want to hang onto them. Who can say? So, first the 5 bags of books were sold/given away. Then last night, while "So You Think You Can Dance" was on (Pasha, Cameron, call me m'kay? I'm listed.) I started tackling the magazines. Stacks of home decorating magazines from several years ago all bit the dust, after I had flicked through them and had torn out anything I thought was particularly striking or memorable, and the odd recipe here and there.

One line was drawn in the sand. Martha stays.


thombeau said...

"A Kreplach is a person from Kreplachia...which is a very small fishing nation wedged between Estonia and Latvia."

yani said...

You know I'm blaming you (and to a lesser extent the programers at Channel 7) for the fact that I've been watching SYTYCD the last couple of weeks... And I'm still all about the Neil and the Kameron... more so the Neil, because damn but that boy can dance.. plus... ARMS!

I officially hate that Mary judge woman though... SHUT UP already you dentally enchanced cow!

Although last night was the first time that I've ever seen one of the contemporary routines that I actually like... mostly because it was actually in time with the music.

Also, good on you re: declutter... I did the same thing a couple of years back and it does feel better.

The Other Andrew said...

Thom, you are now, and forever shall be, known as The Kreplach That Ate Cleveland.

Yani, don't resist the powers of SYTYCD! Resistance is futile! I've come around on the whole Neil issue I have to say. His routines the past few weeks have been fantastic and get him in either eyeliner/spiked hair or a muscle t, lose that Corbin Fisher collegiate edge, and I find him muich hotter. He is the pretty.

I don't mind Mary Murphy, but I love the unhinged Mia Michaels (hello, intense!) and I want to have Wade Robson's babies.

yani said...

I'm with you on Neil in eyeliner... or, you know, plumbers goggles...

And yes, on the basis of the one routine I've seen of hers, I'm with you on the Mia thing too... the whole bankrobbing robot plumbers thing was just cool... stupid judges not getting it!

You know I assume that Wade is Australian...

Ur-spo said...

good luck
and by the way, i am spreading the Gospel of the Kransky Sisters here in Arizona!