Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lost & Found

On the short walks this morning from home to the train station, from the train station to my office, and then to the local shopping centre and back at lunchtime, I saw the following items either on the footpath or in the gutter:
  • 1 x pair men's underpants, black
  • 1 x pair ladies' panties, grey with black lace trim
  • 1 x man's sock, black and grey argyle (size extra large by the look of it)
  • 1 x pink elastic hair band
  • 1 x black woolen glove (left)

Props for colour co-ordination, right? There's a whole sombre grey/black story happening here, which while not exactly to my taste at least has the kicky note of pink to liven things up a bit.

Put logic aside for the moment, and the fact that these items were streets and even suburbs apart. What do we think is happening here? Modern day Hansel & Gretel? A couple with a poorly functioning suitcase? Or maybe they are driving around so completely overcome with sexual abandon that they have to pull over and shag like bunnies (discarding garments without gay abandon) as they go?

Fantasy aside, how do you lose a pair of underpants? Really? The glove and the hairband, sure. The sock, maybe a little harder to understand.

But underpants?


thombeau said...

I hope you wash these things before you wear them, young man!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I knew a couple who had a shag in their car on the way to a party because they just couldn't... I dunno... just couldn't wait a couple of hours till after the party? naughty girls - especially because we were bloody well waiting for them! so maybe being overcome with sexual abandon in cars happens more often than one thinks...

also, I found a stray black leather glove in Lewisham yesterday, so put that on the car-shagging-shenanigan map of lost items ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! It's weird the way you find these lost single items. I've seen a single shoe, various socks etc. Maybe your shagging friends really get around?... :)

Baggy Trousers said...

Oh man! Your blog is a treasure trove for story starters! Though I'm not sure I want to show my kids some of your latest vintage photos...even though I've gone a little warm around the neck looking at those abs...mmm...

OK, give us a few weeks, we write you a story for your Newtown lost and found.