Thursday, October 25, 2007


I haven't done one of these for a while, and this one has been cropping up all over the place in the past couple of days so I thought it's time I jump on the blogwagon.

No bastard has tagged me for it, but really I don't need to feel popular or like you're interesting in me or anything, so hey what do I care? (I jest, because I usually don't tag others either.)

Have you ever?

1. Taken a picture completely naked?

Ewww, no. I respect my camera too much.

2. Made out with a friend on your MySpace/Facebook page?
No, for I'm a grown up.

3. Danced in front of your mirror naked?
A funhouse mirror only.

4. Told a lie?
Yes. Or have I?

5. Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back?
Oh hell yes, just this morning in fact. But I new it was destined for disaster when my train station arrived.

6. Been arrested?
No, although I thought I might have had some sort of record in Tasmania for a civil disobediance act during an AIDS conference years ago. Obviously not though, because I had a police check before I got my current job and passed.

7. Made out with someone of the same sex?
Duh. Lots of them, thankfully.

8. Seen someone die?
Not exactly, but I entered my Mum's room about 5 minutes afterwards.

9. Slept in until 5pm?
No, sadly I am not a person who can do the sleeping in thing. Even weekends see me awake around 7am or so.

10. Had sex at work?
Oh yes. His name was Stephen and I was 17 or 18 at the time. He was my supervisor, the dirty, dirty bitch. Cornered me in a storeroom, which was a pleasant surprise. I hear his wife is lovely.

11. Fallen asleep at work/school?
No, I'm such a light sleeper that I need perfect conditions to fall asleep.

12. Held a snake?
I had a pet one as a teenager, a 5 foot diamond python. Sweet thing.

13. Ran a red light?
I don't drive, so no. I've danced around a few strobes in time, if that counts?

14. Been suspended from school?
No, I was a complete swot. Scholastic awards. Ran a couple of clubs. Member of the concert band. Thankfully to make up for all that goodness I was also a complete skank who was helping lots of the gorgeous Greek and Italian boys discover their sexuality. Hey Spiro, Con, George, Menas, Con, Con...

15. Totaled your car in an accident?
My car, no. (see above) I have been in several life threatening accidents as a passenger though.

16. Pole danced?
I've spun around a few in my time, but they were still attached to their owners.

17. Smoked?
A tiny bit as a teen, but it's too ick for words.

18. Been fired from a job?
No. Although I stormed out after a fight with my boss in my previous job, but I had resigned the 2 weeks previously anyway. Can you fire anyone after they've resigned? I think she was going to try.

19. Sang karaoke?
Yes, once and I would still like to tender my apologies to all concerned.

20. Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?
Almost daily.

21. Laughed until a drink came out your nose?
Oh yes. Moral of the story, don't drink and read funny blogs at the same time.

22. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
No. I've fallen over in sleet in Berlin, but that wasn't anywhere near as romantic.

23. Kissed in the rain?

24. Sang in the shower?
Yah, almost the full soundtrack of Hedwig. (Over the course of several showers.)

25. Given your private parts a nickname?
A dickname? No.

26. Ever gone out without underwear?
Maybe once or twice, I try not to because it startles the horses.

27. Sat on a roof top?
No. A balcony with a crisp cold Sauv Blanc in hand is more my style.

28. Played chicken?
No. French horn, but no chicken. They're hard to tune.

29. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?

30. Broken a bone?
Oh yes, several.

31. Mooned/flashed someone?
Yes, they were so startled they had a stroke. It was nice.

32. Shaved your head?
No. The monastery is a few years away yet.

33. Slept naked?

34. Played a prank on someone?

35. Had a gym membership?
Oh sure, buying the membership is the thing I'm really good at.

36. Felt like killing someone?
Mmmm, not killing exactly. More like near fatal wounding.

37. Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry?
I've made boys cry, but I've never dated a girl. I'm sure my special magic would work on her too, poor thing.

38. Cried over someone you were in love with?
Yeah, but I cry fairly easily.

39. Had sex more than 10 times in one day?
Um no, but I've gotten to a significant single digit (so to speak).

40. Had Mexican jumping beans for pets?
Whatever, moron.

41. Been in a band?
I was the flat French Horn in my high school band. Rock on!

42. Subscribed to Maxim?
That's some sort of titty mag, right? NO.

43. Taken more than 10 shots of alcohol?
Shots no, but I've possibly had this many beers once or twice. My bad.

44. Shot a gun?
Wad, yes. Gun, no.

45. Had sex today?
The day is young.

46. Played strip poker?
No. Does Old Maid count?

47. Tripped on mushrooms?
Rugs, steps and my own feet only.

48. Donated Blood?
No. They don't like 'mo blood, apparently.

49. Video taped yourself having sex?
No. I've taken photos of others though. DIRTY.

50. Eaten alligator meat?
Crocodile yes, but alligator no.

51. Ever jump out of an airplane?
I refuse to even consider answering that unless you take a long hard look at yourself and fix your grammar.

52. Have you been to more than 10 countries?
Probably, I backpacked around Europe for a while and some of those countries are like only a couple of blocks.

53. Ever wanted to have sex with a platonic friend?
Self defeating question really. I've had friends that I wanted to be un-platonic (displatonic?) with, yes.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

hello TOA! just been down the coast so playing catch-ups:

* love some of your answers to the meme. they made me have a jolly snorty giggle - but as for Q14, oh my, I had no idea, you naughty skank you! :-)

* that photo of Mikey is just lovely and I'm still jealous of your high tea adventures :-)

* I'm reading a really good book on the Medici at the moment. factual but not dry. I always thought the one by Christopher Hibbert was the bees knees but this recent one by David Strathern is possibly even better. if momeory serves me right, though, Hibbert's book had a better history of 'Where Are They Now?" for artworks and properties owned by the Medici.

* I had no idea that Leavitt was treated in such a terrible way. it is so sad to think honesty and integrity can sometimes be 'rewarded' by torture.

that is all. carry on!

mrpeenee said...

Bad TOA, bad, bad TOA. Now I'm stuck with this stupid tag. I'm going to tag you with it anyway, and claim, I don't know, tagger's rights, or whatever you get from moving this on. OK consider yourself tagged.

You had a python?

Jodie Sorrell said...

Great MeMe inspired to figure out how exciting I've been too...


The Other Andrew said...

I did have a python. I'm quite the reptile fan.

I love the thought of being tagged by you Peen. I guess I'm it.

The Other Andrew said...

Hey speedy, thanks for catching hup! I like your new icon!

Jodie, thanks for playing! I just read your list and left a comment.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oooh TOA, it just occurred to me* that I should have asked permission - it's one of yours that I cropped and then tweaked the colour levels. is okay? if it wasn't of my cupcakes I wouldn't have dreamed of using it.

* actually it occurred to me some time ago, but then I got teh slackness.

The Other Andrew said...

Of course, no sweat. I didn't even realise it was a crop of one of my pics. Hey, no wonder I liked it, right!? :)

bernard said...

Gee thanks Andrew....

I am about to get fired for spraying coffee out my nose because reading funny blog entries on work equipment.

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