Monday, October 29, 2007


Thank heavens The Christians I work for don't serve alcohol, because frankly after the boozefest of the weekend I need some respite.
  • A 21st Birthday drinkies.
  • A Halloween Party.
  • Lazy afternoon Birthday drinks in the beer garden of a local pub.
  • Sunday evening 'just a few' drinks with James and Graeme at The Newtown Hotel (that turned into 'just plenty' of drinks, natch).

"My name is Patsy Stone, and I'm an alcoholic."

Oy. Now none of this required alcohol, it's not like it was mandatory or anything, but it just sort of worked out that way, you know? It's a mystery to me. It's like I'll just have the one beer, thanks and then the next thing you know it's Gin & Tonic Time. I did wind it back and drink responsibly (non-alcoholic beverages evry other beverage) at The Newtown with the boys, but seriously, given that I started at birthday drinkies at 1pm it smacked of tokenism.


thombeau said...

Shame. I was just gonna order a round of shots!

Ur-spo said...

have one for me please.

The Other Andrew said...

Hey it's not even 11am here yet!

[so mine's a Bloody Mary, thx]

mrpeenee said...

Obvisouly, your choice is either to join your Christian cohorts or follow in Patsy's tottering footsteps. I know which I would vote for. Sweetie.

The Other Andrew said...

No real choice there, is there? Champers alright for you Pats?