Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Now Stop!

I had to smile when I was scanning through this entry on Apartment Therapy and saw this picture of Aja's cute kitchen:

That EAT! graphic is super cute, but I think I would need to have other graphics on the other walls that read NOW STOP EATING!, STEP AWAY FROM THE PIZZA BOX! and ICE CREAM, AGAIN!? Oh man, I've packed on an unconscionable amout of weight this Winter just passed, and I really need to drop this now that we seem to have bypassed Spring altogether and moved straight into Summer.

Maybe I need to factor in some super-sized graphics for my home reno? GET MOVING LARDASS! maybe, for starters...


Jodie Sorrell said...

Why is it that you can get away with Lime Green walls in a kitchen, but no other rooms in the house?

My decal would have to be
'Step away from the fridge'

thombeau said...

That kitchen IS cute!

What you really need are big letters spelling "Bitch, Please!"

(Unless people might see it as a request...)

The Other Andrew said...

I think that'd work over my bed. It could be read as a supplication or a statement, right?

The Other Andrew said...

...or a judgement.

Mindy said...

I need 'put down that biscuit, have a glass of water instead' on my wall.