Friday, September 22, 2006

Red Hot & Blue

I just took this picture about 20 minutes ago, when I left the office to buy lunch. The entire plant was naked, except for this one bright red flower and solitary leaf at the top, framed against a hot summery sky.

Red Hot & Blue

There's a beauty and drama to this that I love. Not just the visual punch of the hot red against the big blue sky, but the last hurrah this plant is having before it puts itself to sleep for the summer. A grand gesture.

Last one out, please turn off the lights - and the mirrorball.


Michael said...

It's the first day of autumn here tomorrow. Oh shutup. Sometimes it is about ME!

Love the photo. It is hopeful. It speaks to the nature of LIFE, doesn't it? And I keep telling myself that constant yearning/striving is NOT AT ALL SAD.

Are you all gonna just stand there or is someone gonna hold me?

Michael Guy said...

YOU do realize that fucking spindly burst of scarlet is a 'post Christmas' poinsettia? You should be well-aware of my after-christmas poinsettia manifesto by now. It must be destroyed, Andrew.

Though a rather fetching photo in composition and color; I'll give you that. And a lap dance.

The Other Andrew said...

Ah, my two Michaels. Good to have you both back at the same time!

This plant is about 11-12 feet tall, so I didn't really get that it was a poinsettia at the time... but someone told me it was on my Flickr stream too. I didn't even realise they got so big.

Aaaaaagh! Giant Poinsettia!!! (that's for you MG)

Michael said...

It's a holiday Triffid!