Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dietary Advice

Just in case you were considering it, I would suggest to you that four days in a row of eating birthday cake is a little excessive. Morgan's birthday, my birthday, leftovers and then a joint celebration for myself and another worker in my office... and then holy shit, with the exception of a few savoury interludes I have eaten birthday cake for 4 days running.

The good news, when they have to rip out all of my cavity riddled rotten teeth I'll already be in a diabetic coma so, you know, that saves on anaesthesia at least.

(BTW, I just typo'd "diabetic" as "dianetic" - so maybe my thetans are sick of chocolate cake too. Stupid thetans.)


MrSnerg said...

It is noble of you to experiment on yourself in terms of finding the HCCCL (Human Continuous Cake Consumption Limit). Science is a noble cause. Is 4 days the absolute limit or are you happy to end the experiment knowing that you have already contributed to science?

The Other Andrew said...

Noble is perhaps the word for it, "foolish" or "gluttonous" might suffice too...