Wednesday, September 27, 2006

5 Life Lessons Taught To Me By Last Night's Episode Of "Dancing With The Stars"

  1. "Star" is a general term that covers people who nobody has even heard of, like a girl who's good at chess and the son of two 'racing identities'
  2. A big smile and mugging for the camera will apparently get you anywhere, even if your dancing isn't much chop
  3. Some surnames are made for comedy. "Hey, we all know Gaze can dance!". Nyuk, nyuk.
  4. Sometimes the universe strikes back and evens the odds for the rest of us, just because you're tall and cute it doesn't mean you're good at everything
  5. Sometimes bad hairpieces happen to good people - but a clever publicist will ensure that the top of your head is cropped wherever possible


Ur-spo said...

being trained in Jungian psychology, we are big believers in comment #4; the universe wants balance and not provided will make it so.

Michael said...

I always prefer photos where my head is cropped, too. No bad toupee here, just a breathtaking expanse of forehead.

I've never watched the US iteration of "Dancing..". I have a stronger association with the Aussie version ever since you posted those post-inducing photos from last season.

Michael said...

Funny thing. I see my comment from this morning to the left as I type this, but it doesn't appear when you go to read the comments. ?? Blogger doth vex me!

Michael said...

Ummmm, never mind. But I swear it wasn't there!

yaniboy said...

I suspect that "Dancing with Second Rate, Talentless and Career Challenged Bottom of the Barrel Individuals" was too long a title for Seven... :P