Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lazy Afternoons On The Terrace

I spent a really pleasant afternoon with Mikey (the lovely ex) on Sunday, after I had spent much of the day wandering the city trying to find a birthday present for my sister. (In the end I settled on a couple of books, both about writing and one specifically about travel writing - hopefully they'll be usefull for her as she re-tells the highs and lows of her recent travel experiences.) After hanging out in Mikey's luxury city pad, high atop Metropolis, for a little while we headed down the street to the Green Park Hotel where packs of Darlinghurst gay boys gather on a Sunday afternoon. A warm Spring afternoon especially.

The Green Park have recently added an outdoor terrace drinking area which is kind of fabulous. I hesitate to refer to it by the usual 'beer garden' name that outdoor drinking areas in Aussie pubs normally have, because as you can see there isn't a single green growing thing in sight.

What there was though was a curious mix of well groomed but carefully dressed down gay boys, soaring walls, hard surfaces and tactile plastic furniture and a sausage sizzle. Oddly enough - the mix works.

Mikey and I hung out for a few hours, and played "Who's Hot? Who's Not?" and "Spot the Demi-Celebrity" (one of the dancers from "Dancing With The Stars", who I knew vaguely from Adelaide and he was an extra in "Moulin Rouge") and discussed the dangers of cross-genre clothing - that which attempts to mix camo and denim in the same item. (Verdict: wrong.)

Also on the agenda for discussion was the unique mix of emotions that the first true blast of warm weather brings; on one hand envy at all the pretty boys with their t-shirt ready pecs and flat tummies, and on the other hand the lust that said items produce. Sort of a unique blend of melancholy and horniness.

Surprisingly, aside from Mikey there was only one other guy I had dated there. I must be slipping. After the Green Park we headed to a local restaurant for a fantastic meal together and then popped into Mikey's friend Steve's house to say 'Hi' and continue the alcohol odyssey. Hanging out with Mikey is always wonderfull, we have such a comfortable groove with each other, but this was an especially good afternoon and evening.

Bring on Summer!


Michael Guy said...

Waaahhh! YOU'RE getting our 'summer' as it glides down to you fine folks! Sounds like a divoon afternoon with the 'lovely ex'. Take care of our summer and return her in good shape, Andrew.

The Other Andrew said...

'Scuse me? Your summer? I think we invented it, we just loan it to you every so often. :)

Shall do, now all I have to do is lose the winter weight...

The Other Andrew said...

BTW, summer is male. Hot, sweaty, muscular forearms, good pecs kind of male - don't you think?

Michael said...

That sounds like heaven. I'd love to blow a Sunday afternoon like that with y'all. I feel the need to disclaim though, that summer or no, my forearms are girlish.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Surprisingly, aside from Mikey there was only one other guy I had dated there. I must be slipping.

oh TOA :)

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, I've seen those guns on you... you've got great arms. (Welcome back btw, where you been girlfriend?)