Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Here are a few snaps from the Feastability food festival on Sunday. It was a scorching hot day, over the old 90F for those of you playing at home in the Northern Hemisphere. Most of the day was clear with hot gale force winds, and it did become overcast as the day wore on, but not any cooler.


The food festival had a really good vibe about it, in the classic Newtown way the crowd was a blend of grunge, queer and double-income-one-child families.

Harlequin Colours
Colourful flags, perfect photo fodder.

Not surprisingly the longest queues were for the stalls selling beer. The food looked good, but vegetarian fare was a little thin on the ground and the queues were a bit off putting.

Bernard & Stewie
Bernard & Stewie.

It was a great afternoon for people watching, checking out the cute boys and of course, taking photos.

Stormy Skies


Q - 60's girl said...

I love the way Bernard and Stewie look here, its so casual and relaxed. Be sure to make a copy for them both. And your flags look great - i can't get past all the colour against the sky, the wind energy and movement. xx

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Q! I love the top flag pic especially, the solid blue sky and the flags so animated. Bernard and Stewie are so sweet together.