Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Emotional Architecture

I'm starting to think of 2006 as the Year Of The Exhibition. If this keeps up I am seriously going to have to buy a new wardrobe and some more 'directional' eyewear.

The gallery show "Emotional Architecture" opened last night at Tap Gallery with glass art and drawings by my friend Jeffrey Hamilton and black & white photos with text by Jenn Tao. Mikey (the lovely ex), his friend Linda and myself went along, to what turned out to be a large exhibition and very busy opening. (Is it just me, or does a busy opening have a nice ring to it?....)

Anyhoo, I digress.

Jeffrey's work is always glorious. This exhibition had some of his wonderful big abstract pieces that I love, as well as some of the drawings he does in preparation for these pieces and for the restoration work that forms a large part of his business. I'm fortunate enough to have a beautifull smaller piece of Jeffrey's hanging in my home, a mirror he gave me as a birthday gift one year.

I ran into quite a few people that I knew, my friends Stil and 'Pong, and Rod. Jeffrey and Jenn are both very out and proud queer artists, so a large chunk of the Sydney gay glitterati were in attendance too. Noted gay photographer William Yang gave a moving opening address to the exhibition, and the show was closed in uproarious style by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.


The gallery was hot, as was some of the crowd, but the free Chardonnay was cool. As were some of the crowd. I love gallery shows for the eccentrics they bring out into the light, one man who looked like he was wearing his pyjamas was a particular source of amusement.

After the show Mikey, Linda and I had a spectular dinner at a new restaurant called The Bentley. The decor was warm and modern, the food sublime and the service excellent. A fabulous night, with lots of laughs and good company.

A snapshot of my own "emotional architecture" on the evening would have shown a wonderful jumble of happiness and delight.


Q - 60's girl said...

Ah so thats where you got that mirror from!

Beautiful Andrew getting out there & making things happen. Have fun & enjoy yourself :)

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Quinn! Yes, that mirror is a prized possession. The fact that Jeffrey made it himself just made it that much more special, apart from the fact that it's a beautiful object in its own right.