Thursday, September 28, 2006

8 Things That Have Officially Been Placed On Notice

These You're On Notice pics have been doing the rounds of my blog peeps of late. I loves me some Stephen Colbert, ever since I saw him on Strangers With Candy as Chuck Noblet, but as we don't get his talk show here in Oz the context of these pics is kind of a bit lost on me.

However, I never let a lack of understanding get in the way of joining a bandwagon. You all get that about me, right? An enthusiastic joiner, even if I don't have a clue.

Anyhoo. Just so you don't think that it's all sunshine and smiles in my world, here are the 8 things that today I am officially putting on notice:

Care to make your own?


freakgirl said...

I love the James Blunt hate.

Re: On Notice

""On Notice" and "Dead to Me", originally phrases Colbert used as a warning or condemnation for something he disagreed with, were later made into giant-sized lists that contain a comically bizarre assortment of people and things that are supposedly displeasing to Colbert. When the "On Notice" list is full, Colbert is forced to either remove an item or move one to the "Dead to Me" list to make space. The "Dead to Me" list is shorter and is reserved for the most hated nemeses of Colbert. There are a few random and unexplained entries, such as "Owls", to again demonstrate the absurdity of Colbert's fixations.

During the July 12, 2006, episode of The Report, Colbert explained the procedure that people placed "On Notice" should follow. He stated that a person must answer their "summons" within 60 days, or risk being placed on the "Dead to Me" board for eternity."

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! So complicated... James Blunt is destined for Dead To Me I feel.

Michael said...

And of course he recognized and then coined a term for the phenomenon we now know as "truthiness".

You people need to stop the hateratin' on my young, pretty, earnest singer/songwriters. He's British with THOSE teeth and you are gonna get in his face? More for me. As in my wasted youth, I'm more than happy to roll a Blunt.

tigtog said...

Ha - I hadn't seen this when I just did a post on aversions. I also included the tragically untalented Tori Spelling. Paris Hilton of course has been Dead To Me to years.

morgan said...

Tori Spelling is a person? My, I have been away a long time.

The Other Andrew said...

Hey there! :)

I'd settle on "Humanoid" and call it quits.