Monday, September 25, 2006

Full To Bursting

...with joy.

Man, I had a fabulous weekend. Now I use "fabulous" when the occasion calls for it, not the way that young people say "awesome" about things that patently do not inspire awe. This weekend called for an all caps label of FABULOUS. Look up the word, there's a picture of my weekend right there in the dictionary.

Saturday is kind of self explanatory. The perfect blend of some Me Time (haircut, retail therapy and the stalking of architecture photos in the back streets of my 'hood) and some Sociability (a loooong afternoon at the pub and a suprise house guest - The Mighty Quinn). Rounded off with an early(ish) night, by choice, and a good sleep.

Yesterday dawned HOT, and I met my friend Bernard and his partner (Seven Foot) Stewie for a wonderful late breakfast. Good coffee, lots of water and some ciabatta toast topped with rocquette (aka arugala aka rocket), two over-easy eggs and an amazing tomato salsa with just a hint of curry about it. Perfect. The three of us then headed to the Newtown food and wine festival Feastibility for the afternoon, and caught up with a few other friends. I took heaps of photos, some of which I'll post soon. It was an extremely hot and very windy day, and by around 2pm I could feel that I was starting to burn to a crisp so called it quits. On the way home I decided to pop in and see a friend I hadn't seen for a long while, and... well let's just say that I was able to tick another item off my To Do List. :)

Around early evening I got home from my friend's place, hung out with Bodhi and Quinn, rang up for some home delivered Thai, watched Australian Idol (so many of them sucked so bad!) ate chocolate and went to bed. A tired but very happy boy.


Q - 60's girl said...

"To Do List" uh-huh well there were lots of fires around Sydney... it was very hot weather ;)

Nice seeing you TOA, stay happy xx

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! It got even hotter, I can assure you. :)