Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Birthday: The Review

I had a lovely birthday yesterday.

After the craziness and hectic...ness of the previous week or two it was nice to just relax yesterday and not have to do much of anything. Except eat, there was lots of eating.

It was a beautiful mild Spring day and my friend Stephen and I started the day in perfect style with breakfast at VargaBar and then a stroll through Newtown shops. I only harrangued Stephen a little bit about moving back to Sydney from Brisneyland, normally I'm like a broken record. I've missed him terribly over the past few years since he moved to Brisbane, but at least he comes back every 3 or 4 months for a dose of sanity visit.

In the afternoon he had to visit other friends before heading back to the airport, so I went home and hung out with Quinn and Bodhi for a while, then napped. See! A lazy day. In the evening we were joined by Morgan and the four of us went to dinner at my beloved Thai Pothong. If I could marry their Tamarind Tofu I would.

I had a quick phone call from my sister interstate just before we left for the restaurant, to say Happy Birthday and that something was making its way to me from one of the online retailers. I had a couple of emails and phone messages waiting for me when I got back into the office this morning, lots of sweet comments on my previous blog entry from y'all, and my good mates on Flickr posted Happy Birthday wishes.



dani said...

glad to hear your day sounded dreamy. wish i'd known sunday night so i could have given you a big kiss. see you at RGB!

The Other Andrew said...

I didn't want to steal Morgan's thunder, so I kept it low key. You only get a few chances to shine, and your 40th is one of them!

Ur-spo said...

i too am glad to know your feast day of your nativity was a good one.
may there be many more.

tigtog said...

What a sly birthday hider you are! Happy birthday, Andrew. Sounds like you had a lovely lovely day.