Monday, September 25, 2006

A Day In The Life

I decided to participate in the A Day In The Life Of (DILO) project on Flickr. I didn't have a lot planned for the day, a haircut in the morning was my only commitment. Even by early morning it was already hot, so I threw on a polo shirt & shorts and headed out with my camera to record the day.

Here's a quick run down of my Saturday the 23rd of September in pictures.

DILO 1: Summery MorningDILO 2: Waiting For My HairdresserDILO 2: My Hairdresser Overslept

DILO 3: Retail TherapyDILO: 4 Hot Skies & Faded GloryDILO: 5 Rustic Charm In The Backstreets of Newtown

DILO: 7 Dussssssst!DILO: 8 Washing DayDILO: 9 Everyone Has A Blog

DILO: 10 Kate And Bernard Make Nice For The CameraDILO: 11 Kate Outside The Newtown HotelDILO 12: The Lovely Ian

Click each pic to go to the picture's page on Flickr, or view my full set.

1. A hot morning. Walking up the street to my hairdresser, and this house is at the top of my street. I think it was once a corner shop of some sorts, and I've always loved this shell motif.
2. The lime green vinyl sofa at my hairdresser's salon. I'm on time for my 9.00am appointment but no sign of her yet.
3. My hairdresser rang to say she overslept, be here in a half hour. I kill time with the latest Harpers Bazaar and a coffee.

4. A little after 10am, post haircut retail therapy at my favourite bookstore on King St.
5. Around 11. taking photos of amazing houses in the back streets of Newtown.
6. Rustic charm in Newtown. Just as I took this pic a security guard from the Synagogue 3 doors away came to have a 'chat'. He made me feel like I had done something wrong, and I felt quite intimidated.

7. Noonish. Housework. I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the dirt.
8. Always seperate your whites.
9. 4pm onwards. At the pub. Bernard gives me his blog address. I didn't have paper, so I wrote it on his hand and took a picture.

10. Bernard and Kate make nice for the photo.
11. Addicts out on the street having a ciggie. I love the look in Kate's eye, she's very comfortable with the camera and make a great model.
12. The lovely Ian. Funny and very likeable.

Afterwards (early evening) I went home and watched tv, and then turned in for an early(ish) night. A fantastic and very fun day!

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