Friday, September 22, 2006

Get Fresh On The Weekend

It's Friday morning here in OZ, and I've just stood outside in the baking 'Spring' sun (hey, wha'sup Global Warming?) with one thought on my mind If this verchacte Fire Drill means my espresso has gone cold there will be hell to pay.

I don't like Fire Drills. I understand why they are necessary, and I don't mind the opportunity to get away from my desk, but they are inevitably kind of lame don't you think? People seem to be divided into two camps during fire drills. The oddly jolly, those people who have grabbed their coffee cup and packet of smokes and treat the whole thing as if they are gathering to sing happy birthday to Debbie The Receptionist, or say farewell to Dave Fom The Mailroom after 25 years of service. The other camp, are the listless and somewhat jaded, like 15 year olds that have been forced to make nice for a photo with their 9 year old cousin. I kind of fall into the latter group, only in this instance with a serious need for some sunglasses and a layer of desperation for the first coffee of the morning. Not pretty.

Anyhoo, that fact that it's Friday means it's only one sleep to the weekend. Not just any weekend but a Haircut Day weekend. Woot! I love getting my hair cut, it's like a short cut to improved self-esteem, with a complimentary espresso. Aside from that my weekend is almost plan free, which seems kind of delicious and self-indulgent after the business of the past bunch of weeks.

The weather forecast is HOT, so it'll be a shorts & slides kind of weekend. I might try and catch up with some of the friends I neglected over the winter, maybe even grab out the little black book and make a booty call or two.


Ur-spo said...

how hot does it get in syndey in the summer months?

Therin of Andor said...

When I was seconded to State Office in 1998, the office staff proudly presented me with a plastic hard hat, which meant, as the newest arrival, I was now Deputy Fire Drill Safety Officer! Oh well, it got me away from the desk for one day a year to undertake training.

The staff used to tell a funny anecdote about one round of safety officer training (before I commenced my secondment), whereby a few days later the were told there'd be a Very Serious Fire Drill. It was pronounced as successful and everyone was congratulated.

A few days later several fire brigades arrived with sirens blaring, responding to a supposed real emergency, but all 500+ staff members were still inside working on their computers. The firemen ran in, axes and extinguishers in hand, totally perplexed to realize that noone had evacuated - because the fire was in the fire alarm cabinet!