Friday, August 18, 2006

You Oughtta Be In Pictures

I had the most awesomely awesome of all awesome nights last night with the Flickr Sydney Photobloggers crew. 27 of us fronted up for dinner and a Q&A session with professional photographer and editor of Capture magazine the very delightful Phillipe Ruttens.

The venue, Giotto Art Cafe in East Sydney, is also a gallery and was showing an exhibition of photos from the red centre of Australia by Ruttens and fellow photographer Felix Hug. The gallery owner Robert McGrath and Phillipe were very generous and entertaining, and Phillipe showed hundreds of his photographs projected onto a big screen, with a running commentary and questions & answers.

As an enthusiastic amateur it was wonderful to have such up close access to a professional, and for the couple of professional photographers we already have in the group I would imagine it was a nice way to socialise and compare notes with a peer. Although I don't ever plan to make photography into a business, it was interesting to hear about how he plans and executes his shots. I know I mention the Sydney Photobloggers quite a lot on this blog, but they are such a great group of people, many of whom I'm pleased to call friends. Last night was sort of like sitting at a dinner party with 26 friends. Phillipe was impressed with how friendly and fun the atmosphere was and has since joined us on Flickr.

Of course, as usual the night ended up at the pub... and as usual it was a great night.

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