Friday, August 25, 2006

5 Important Facts Of Life I Discovered By Re-watching Pedro Almodovar's Movie "Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown"

  1. Hysteria is funnier in Spanish
  2. In 1988 Antonio Banderas was very, very beautiful
  3. Spanish police will happily enter your house and question you with only a modicum of explanation and without showing any ID, and you will accept this as perfectly normal
  4. When guests arrive at your house, cold tomato soup (gazpacho) is a perfectly suitable beverage to offer them
  5. Spanish women can cry, attempt to throw themselves off a balcony, pull a gun on you, throw a telephone/answering machine/shoe through a window (or all of the above) and still appear stylish

No idea what I'm talking about? Then see the film, it's fabulous!


Q - 60's girl said...

Sounds like something i'd like to watch one night when i am down :)

Michael said...

ANY night can be an Almodovar night, Q. After Women On The Verge, try Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down. ;-)

Q - 60's girl said...

oooh Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down? i suppose i'll try anything once uh-huh ;-)

Anonymous said...

You guys are all gone frigging foolish! .. hehehehehe! .. frigger leroy!.. i think you guys need sum help ., yeahs are a little bit crazii if yeah ask me , yeha im not gunna lie, True Story , but anyways .. gtg.. buhbyes!.. ps. get help

Anonymous said...

i love fucken sex, i need sum like 3 times a day .. wooooooooo ... yummy yummy