Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Magnolia Time

This week is completely kicking my ass. I'm currently pulling full days in the office, before heading to the Buddhist centre to price carton after carton of books for our next conference. This week has been that x 3 so far. You know what, that even made me think I'm dull just reading that...

So, if you've read this blog for a while you know that I resort to putting up the pretty when I haven't much else to say. I took these pics at lunch the other day, just around the corner from the office. The fun part? I had to lean out over about a 15 foot (nearly 5 metre) drop to get these shots. I'm an artiste, we think nothing of such peril.


Magnolia Buds

Spring, well it's just around the corner!


Michael Guy said...

Hold it right there, buster. What do you mean "spring is just around the corner?"

In Chicago winter lasts 6 months and summer is a hot weekend if we're lucky. What is up with your 6 weeks of "winter?" Did I choose the wrong hemisphere to be fabulous in or what?

The Other Andrew said...

Short answer: Yes.