Thursday, August 24, 2006

5 Contradictions About Me

  • I'm a complicated person with simple needs
  • I cherish kindness and compassion and can be an acid tongued bitch if I think it'll be funny
  • I'm 100% inner urbanite who loves wide open spaces
  • I'm quite shy when I'm not being an extrovert
  • I'm a private person who likes to share things with people

Now your turn.


Q - 60's girl said...

!! that is too hard for me :) i can't think of five!! and a couple of mine would seem to be in your list already... maybe one or two

i can sometimes reach out to people appearing to be a social creature yet i prefer to be a recluse

i can also give the impression that i am quiet & politely spoken yet i have a rather sick sense of humour that has surprised people at times... even if they do laugh

so then i go back to being a recluse ;)

Michael said...

I'm dying for more social things, and yet I've gone to a party and then not been able to go in.

Michael Guy said...

I welcome mass attention yet fear a single intimacy.

Earl said...

I can identify will ALL five of your contradictions.

Ur-spo said...

paradoxes are my favorite things about life and in people.

Bodhi said...

10 Contradictions About Me

- I do my best to live a life of voluntary simplicity, and yet only recently I ran out of storage space for my ever increasing DVD collection.

- I think that cats are really cool animals, but I equally like dogs too.

- I'm gayer than a Kylie concert at Sydney Mardi Gras, but I was also married for 12 years and have a 16 year old daughter.

- From a musical standpoint I love every cliched gay pop tune you could mention, but am also partial to indie, alternative and punk.

- I remain a hopeless romantic waiting for my Mr Right, but in the meantime I am not in any way adverse to meaningless anonymous sex.

- I loved growing up as a kid in the country, but wouldn't move back there now if you paid me.

- The only time I ever actually marched in a gay pride parade, I was joined by a straight person .

- I have not had any alcohol or drugs for over 14 years, but still consider myself an alcoholic and addict.

- I was raised by ultra-conservative upper middle class Catholic parents, and both their kids are gay.

- I consider myself a compassionate guy, but I still can't surpress a joyful smirk everytime an annoying mobile phone user is disconnected mid conversation shortly after entering the train tunnels that run under the CBD.

- This was to be 10 contradictions about me, and yet I curiously find myself at number 11 ...

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! Bodes, I love the way you can rattle 10 off the top of your head! :)

Q - 60's girl said...

Oh Bodhi!! :) ditto @ TOA

Everyone has written really poignant things & there are remarkable similarities for everyone also... nice blog TOA

Michael Guy said...

::uncomfortable silence at kitchen table::

"...Someone, tell a joke..."

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

I won't go into the "10 things I contradict about myself" line. Bodhi and TOA have a lot of mine covered as well. Which brings me to my real point, and yes, I do have one... it would be an interesting psych-sociological exercise to examine the character and personality of bloggers and the lurkers who love them. For example, taking TOA's last two contradictions, it seems to me that blogging is the perfect way to deal with both of those issues. And as it's Friday and we should all feel good on a Friday, a well accepted principle of psychological health (not that I would know anything about that...) is the ability to simultaneously hold two contradictory thoughts about the same person or situation. So go TOA and all of us contradictory types. Very much looking forward to Hedwig tonight boys (on the subject of contradictions).

Michael said...

Mommy's fine! She's fine, now eat your dinner.

Bodhi said...


I've got a sweet tooth
for licorice drops and jelly roll,
Hey sugar daddy,
Hansel needs some sugar in his bowl.
I'll lay out fine china on the linen
And polish up the chrome
and if you've got some sugar for me,
Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

Black strap molasses,
you're my orange blossom honey bear.
Bring me Versace blue jeans
and black designer underwear.
We'll dress up like the disco-dancing
jet set in Milan and Rome.
And if you've got some sugar for me,
Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

Oh the thrill of control,
like the rush of rock and roll,
is the sweetest taste I've known. Oh yah
so come on, Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

When honey bees go shopping
it's something to be seen.
They swarm to wild flowers
and get nectar for the queen.
And everything you bring me
got me dripping like a honeycomb
and if you've got some sugar for me,
Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

Oh the thrill of control,
like the Blitzkrieg on the roll,
is the sweetest taste I've know oh yah.
If you've got some sugar
bring it home.Bah bah dabba dabba dabba do
Come on, Sugar Daddy, bring it home!

Whiskey and French cigarettes,
a motorbike with high-speed jets,
a Waterpik, a Cuisinart
and a hypo-allergenic dog.
I want all the luxuries of the modern age,
and every item on every page
in the Lillian Vernon catalogue.

So you think only a woman
can truly love a man.
Well you buy me the dress
I'll be more woman
than a man like you can stand.
I'll be your Venus on a chocolate clam shell
rising on a sea of marshmallow foam
and if you got some sugar for me,
Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

It's our tradition to control,
like Erich Honecker and Helmut Kohl,
remember him
from the Ukraine to the Rhone.
Sweet home uber alles,
Lord, I'm coming home.yah
Come on, Sugar Daddy, bring me home.

Bodhi said...

Thanks a lot for inviting me along to join you boys for Hedwig and the Angry Inch in Newtown last night. The show was amazing, and iOTA as Hedwig was nothing less than absolutely brilliant! He was a veritable entire store of gummibarchen and confectionary delight. In fact, I am more than happy to state that from this milkless tit he sucked the very business that we call show..

Oh, and for the record my, ummmmm, 'after-party' entertainment was very enjoyable as well. I got to bed at 2am. Nuff said? ;-)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

reasonably experienced in the world but stupidly naive :(