Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kylie's Latest Hit

Kylie's Latest Hit

I found this piece of discarded packaging in a lane near where I live when I was out walking recently. Do you think this means that my neighbourhood is full of women so intent on self pleasuring that they can't wait to get home before ripping the package open? All I can say is that there were several things about it that creeped me out, not least of which were the mental images I got from 'suction powered' and 'waterproof'. You know, ewwww.

Anyhoo. I guess the flipside is, at least the batteries were included for once... which is thoughtfull, don't you think?


Q - 60's girl said...

WATERPROOF??? Good grief, well it has been raining there lately i suppose... i wonder if all the women who use these look like the chick on the front? ::cringing::

Michael Guy said...

This post only confirms my urgent need for bi-focals: I thought the packaging read "cut finger."

:: rubs eyes ::

Bodhi said...

As a faithful member of the Church of Kylie Minogue and the Latter Day Homosexuals, this reminds me of a reading from Chapter One, Verse One, in the Book of Kylie;

I should be so lucky
Lucky, lucky, lucky
I should be so lucky in love.
I should be so lucky
Lucky, lucky, lucky
I should be so lucky in love

There is something in that teaching for all of us I think ...

Q - 60's girl said...

Lucky in love - are you joking? Like motorised-speed controlled-suction-
battery powered-waterproofed kinda lucky love... uh no thanks blah :P

I'm not asking for
A love to last forever
I don't expect to get a guarantee (or maybe a free battery!!)
It's just that I believe
Lovers should stick together
I'm only saying
Won't you wait for me
(on speed one, two or three??)

I've got to be
Got to be certain
I've got to be so sure
I've had my share of hearts broken
And I don't wanna take that any more

heehee ;)

Q - 60's girl said...

P.S. Oh Michael Guy thats a dangerous affliction the poor eyesight lol. Though i would rather a "cut finger"!! Funny you :)

Man i have to go to bed, soooo sleep deprived...

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh yes, batteries included - but you KNOW they're always those cheap ones which only last for minutes... hardly worth it! ;)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

...then again, I guess if they last till you get home, that's useful. heh.

john said...

The funny things you find in the trash!!

The Other Andrew said...

This is kinda more big 'T' Trash than little 't' trash, don't you think? Also, it was just lying there in the laneway, with no other rubbish around.

Was there a 50's horror film called "The Tingler"? Not sure which would have been more scary...

Robert said...

Eww. Waterproof? Eww! I can't even look at fountains without cringing of a woman's ability to duplicate it.


The Other Andrew said...

Robert, I think that's what really pushes it over the bounds of good taste. Waterproof. I don't want to think too hard about the SUCTION ACTION either.