Sunday, August 13, 2006

34B Burlesque

Yesterday I blogged about my fantastic visit to the Tribute To Elvis burlesque show at 34B Burlesque.

Gypsy Germaine
Gypsy Germaine. Classy, gorgeous and elegant.

Fan Dance
If I wasn't such a big homo, I think I'd have a major girl-crush on her. ...and no, it's not just Fan Envy.

Kira Hula-La
The lovely Kira Hula-La, fantastic dancer and hoop twirler.

Sexy Beast
Ah, what you've all been waiting for, right? It's sexy chunk time Ladies & Gennamun! KD Twang stepping up to the mike. Half-way through the act he stripped off the western shirt to reveal the pasties. Dude also had mad tambourine skillz, make of that what you will.

Whoo, is it just me, or is it get in hot in here all of a sudden?

Amelia Wood
Amelia Wood. Funny and sexy, she did a fantastic acrobatic routine that involved 'log rolling' in high heels. Not for the faint hearted.

Belladonnas De Lux
Belladonnas De Lux. The army never looked so good.

This is only some of the acts from the night, there were other musical acts and some of the performers did a couple of numbers each. The lighting conditions meant that it was sometimes hard to capture the performers without too much movement blur, but I'm happy with the shots I've posted to Flickr so far. The pics above give you a pretty good idea of how much fun the show was. These guys worked hard! The show ran for 2 hours plus and was hugely enjoyable. They change the themes of the shows, and I'm looking forward to going again sometime soon.

There are more pics from the night over at Flickr, and I may yet add some more. The full set of my pics so far are here, and there is now a 34B Burlesque group for everyone else's photos from the venue.


yaniboy said...

Mmmmmmmmmm.... KD Twang...

*drools ala Homer Simpson*

Michael Guy said...

What a complete HOOT! I would love this show, no doubt. And, sadly--I do have 'fan envy'.

:: Does a mean Gypsy Rose Lee ::

The Other Andrew said...

"Sing out Louise!" I heart Gypsy Rose Lee, MG. Gypsy Germaine was faaaaabulous!

Yani, he was a popular addition to the show!

freakgirl said...

These photos are absolutely lovely. The lighting, the way the performers glow - everything just captures what looks like a wonderful night. Kudos!

Oh, how I long for a bigger and better camera.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks FG! I managed to get a good position, and I shot LOTS, so even with the low light I was able to pick out some I liked. It was a real learning experience and a fabulous fun night.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

TOA, seriously good photos there... and they are the sexiest chicks I have seen in, oh, forever. luscious!

dani said...

excellent set of photos here andrew - i really have to make one of these shows soon.