Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear

Ages ago I mentioned that I was going off to see a burlesque show to do a group shoot (dirty!) with the Sydney Photobloggers Flickrazzi. As it turned out events conspired against me and I didn't make it. However, last night I finally made it to 34B for the Tribute To Elvis themed show. What a fantastic night! I had an absolute blast!

The club has a MySpace page which gives you a bit of an idea what it's all about, but there is also a 34B group on Flickr now where people are posting their shots from the show, and that probably gives you a better idea of what the show's like. Funny. Sexy. Wonderfully retro in style and content. The girls were a mixture of all sorts of sizes and shapes, not all traditionally skinny, which was great to see. Curvy, healthy looking bodies.

The mix of tease (the girls got down to panties and pasties only), acrobatic type acts and live music was a winner, and as the venue is really tiny and intimate it has a great feel to it. The crowd was pretty cool too, lots of amazing looking kids in rockabilly gear, some of who were busting out great swing dancing moves.

Best of all the performers are not the slightest bit fazed by being faced by a bank of photographers. In turn we all did our best to be considerate of them and make sure we didn't use flash. Even with a 'fast' setting and the aperture cranked wide open it meant that a lot of the shots had major movement blur, but I still got plenty of good pics from the evening. (I haven't gotten them off my camera yet because of my ongoing PC problems, but I'll post some of the better ones here in the next day or so - in the meantime go and check out the Flick group for other people's photos from the club.)

Oh, and all you chunk lovers out there. Just so you don't think it was All Girlie - All The Time, one of the music acts was a sexy cowboy who a) played a mean tambourine b) seriously rocked it and c) stripped off his shirt to reveal some sexy chunk and a pair of silver pasties! He got my attention.

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