Monday, August 21, 2006

Of Morrisey, Nuns, Pricing Guns And The Risk Of Diabetic Coma

I normally like to recap the weekend's events on a Monday morning, it's sort of like my thing you know? My ouevre, if you will. My one semi-constant in an otherwise chaotic off-the-cuff life.

I'm a bit late today on account of I've been spending all morning teaching someone how to use a software package. To her credit she's picking it up pretty fast, given that it's an accounting software package and she has no background in bookkeeping or accounting. You know what? I'm actually pretty good at this. I worked as a software trainer some years back, doing one-on-one tutoring and training in bookkeeping software. I discovered that I enjoy it, even though it can be exhausting, and that I always got positive feedback from my clients. I think standing up in fron of a class would be daunting, but one-on-one I like. So, that's a long-hand way of saying I've had a busy morning sitting with her in her office showing her the ropes.

Anyhoo. I've already blogged about Friday evening, about going to see the fantastic live version of Hedwig & The Angry Inch, acting like a complete fan-boy and then having a fab Japanese dinner afterwards. I was really pleased to discover on Saturday morning that the season of Hedwig has been extended, which gives me the opportunity to go see it with Mikey (the lovely ex) and Bodhi, who both want to see it.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, and so did I because it was... Haircut Day! I heart Haircut Day. Haircut Day is sort of like Birthdays and Christmas all rolled into one, only more frequent and with only one gift. The gift of Improved Self-Esteem. My, my, what a gift that is! I was a little trepidatious this time around because my regular hairdresser of about 5 years was unavailable. Some trivial thing about giving birth or something. Anyhoo, it all worked out fantastically well and I'm very pleased with the end result.

Saturday was also Bodhi's birthday and so Morgan, myself, Bodhi's daughter Ashley and his friend Rabbit all went out for a delicious Thai dinner to celebrate/commiserate. Highlight of the evening? A near fatal sugar rush (and risk of a diabetic coma) from being introduced by Ashley to the very wrong (but oh so right) trick of dunking Lindor Balls into Hot Chocolate. That's right, dipping Lindt chocolate into something else that is chocolate. ::passes out::

The rest of Saturday wasn't so pleasant unfortunately, my next door neighbours had a party that was possibly one of the loudest I have ever heard. My bedroom shares a common wall with their living room, so to paraphrase Puccini None Shall Sleep. On the upside, I discovered a few Morrisey songs I hadn't heard before. Given that they played the entire Morrisey songbook at least a few times over. On the downside, when you call the police to lodge a noise complaint at 1.15am and by 3.00am they still haven't arrived - then there really is little else you can do than settle in with a good book and enjoy The Smiths.

I was still up early Sunday morning, despite getting to sleep well after 3, and headed in to the Buddhist centre to do some more book pricing before our conference in a few week's time. I got a lot done, and as I had my camera with me I even had the opportunity to take some portrait shots of my friend who recently became a Buddhist nun. About 3pm I decided to call it a day, and the afternoon was still was so warm and sunny and delicious that I decided to walk the 4.5kms from Summer Hill to my house. I wandered, dawdled, made little side trips and took heaps of photos. It was glorious.


Jay said...

I once had a flat where the house next door shared a wall with my bedroom/sitting room -- and they too liked to play their music loud. As soon as I figured out the stereo was against our shared wall, though, I made sure to put my mobile phone against it and call myself from my landline. It might have been malicious, but the sound of the static and interference was like music to me.
I think myself lucky they weren't Morissey fans. Who the hell plays Morissey at a party anyway? That's like almost like playing Leonard Cohen...

Anyway, missing the point: great post.

Michael Guy said...

All sounds tres divoon, TOA. And 'hair cut day' is like christmas and a b-day all rolled into one! But where does that place 'manscaping' then, love?

Regarding your considerate neighbors: May I suggest a rousing "1812 Overture" say, er...around 6:00am the morning AFTER their NEXT party? "Anvil Chorus" is a good one to quiet down yippy-yappy dogs and "AIDA" is good for loud fuck grunts and/or moans.

The Other Andrew said...

Jay, one of the problems is that next door is a big old unrenovated terrace house, which in inner-Sydney parlance = Share House. It's full of a rotating cast of twenty somethings, which might be good for Melrose Place but makes for interesting times. Generally they aren't too bad, but the current crop are a bit less considerate.

Some of the Morrisey tracks were pretty good actually... :)

MG, like 'Pipedreams' Mike does, I heart Haircut Day! However, being the proud owner of about 6 chest hairs I don't need manscaping as such. Maybe just the odd bit of tidying where the sun doesn't reach. Too much information?

Michael said...

Pipedreams Mike love nice trim long time. Yet, as the years (and follicles) have passed, the hairs per square inch ratio has tilted precipitously in favor of the body. It was with that in mind (and it seems like forever ago, though it was only Friday) that I had Mr. Alan take it down to about 3/8 inch all over the head. Now it's just a dab of Aveda Control Paste and I'm out the door. (Well, not counting the teeth and mouth regimen, finetuning the brows, checking for strays about the various orifi, etc, etc.) I like it. I'm not getting play off my face anyway, right? Still, I'll continue to pay my gay $34 US every three weeks to do what I could do with a Norelco and a #3 attachment. The Norelco doesn't wear ass hugging lowriders. Or lisp in that way I find especially endearing. Or press its cock against my arm.

Michael Guy said...

No, have not given me "too much information." Now had you posted 'today I sucked off a chipped tooth-tranny for a heroin speed ball after my third enema...' maybe I would consider that too much information--but you're nowhere near that juncture.

The Other Andrew said...

Mike, I'd pay US$34 for that sort of service - yessir. Hell, I pay more and there isn't even a single cock (except mine) in the place usually.

PS. The buzzed 'do' sounds hot.

MG, good guess. However I had elected to preserve her/herr privacy.