Monday, November 17, 2008

Undercover Lovers

I say old chap, I can see your ball.

Move along Jones, give us all a shot!

Welcome! Cory and Chad here will help you get settled in and out of those things.

I tell you old boy, it was most strange. I did this and "You're nuts!" was all she could say.

[All pics via Vintage Skivvies.]


Michael Guy said...

Where's the sign-up sheet for 'Camp BVD?'

Is there a merit badge for tent pitching?

The Other Andrew said...

Pitching, catching... I'm sure they're all covered. :)

Anonymous said...


I want some all-in-one undersuits...

Ur-spo said...

Yes this happens all the time - smiling white boys standing around in their undergarments.

The Other Andrew said...

"I want some all-in-one undersuits..."

With Klosed Krotches even!

Dr Spo, maybe in your world... but it doesn't happen anywhere nearly enough in mine!