Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nikos Floros

I had heard of the work of Greek sculptor Nikos Floros before, but hadn't seen the scale or scope of his work until I saw the fantastic blog entry on Sandman's blog. Sandman visited an exhibition of his works, and took lots of photos that give a good idea of the number of pieces in the exhibition.

Floros meticulously cuts and weaves strips of aluminimum cans into fabric that is shaped into stunning sculptural costume pieces. In the case of this exhibition, the famous costumes worn by Maria Calls. The colours of the pieces are created by careful choice of the cans Floros works with.

The short video on the Nikos Floros official website mentions that the works take months and years to painstakingly make. Wow. I admire his vision and committment to the process, but it boggles my mind also to imagine spending all that time in the process of making.

Aside from making beautiful objects, Floros is making comments about iconography, consumer culture, craft, and recycling. Interesting stuff.

Check out Sandman's blog entry, he writes more knowledgeably and eloquently than I possibly can.


Mel said...

Gorgeous, but I bet it'd cut you up if you tried to wear it. On the other hand, have you seen the beer can dress my friend Stitchy McYarnpants made for a charity drag competition?

The Other Andrew said...

I'm not sure these can even be worn, I'm pretty sure they're sculptures only. I'll have to check out your friend's efforts!