Monday, November 24, 2008


Pardon us while we pull ourselves together. I had a fab weekend, got farrrr too little sleep and had far too much fun. Tall & Handsome is jetting across the country as we speak, homeward bound. I am feigning interest in work, but feeling a little stretched thin by tiredness... and trying to decide if I have the strength for complex sentence structures.

I have to do overtime at work today and then I have to clean my house in readiness for the flying visit of my friend/landlord tomorrow night. Blech. Maybe I can meet him at the front door with my coat in hand, and bustle him out before he can set one foot in the door? Suspicion making do you think? And more importantly, do we have the energy to care?


Mikey (TLE) said...

So, any pictures of "tall and handsome"?

I'd love to catch up with Oleh some time and compare lving "OS" notes. Say hi to him for me.

Plus you and I have to catch up asap. I'm not sure Bush Dance is going to happen for us. I've got a lot on at work and Evan had surgery last week to correct his, ahem, snoring issue. The pain is still bad and man those pain killers are good in a bad way. Hey, I had to pop one for medicinal investigative purposes...

The Other Andrew said...

You are such a bad kitty.

Catching up would be good. Oleh is only here for 1 night, so catching up with him is unlikely sadly. I'll call you about maybe later in the week? Give my love to Evan! I hope he gets better soon.