Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Denial

I've been biding my time, hoping it wasn't so. Reading other people's eulogies and not wanting to write one. Procrastinating. Denying. Playing look, shiny!

I've moved to a place of acceptance, sadly. I've visited Dowagers 'R' Us and purchased a Fabulon-esque mantilla of mourning.

R.I.P. Fabulon. Thanks for the good times Thombeau, the laughs and the community. Regroup, recharge, relax and refocus, and take my love and best wishes for your future with you.


Mel said...

And just like that, the wounds are ripped open again. *sob*

The Other Andrew said...

I'm a bitch like that.

The Other Andrew said...


John C said...

And so say all of us.

You know, I only this week noticed that Marc Almond says the word "mantilla" in Soft Cell's Memorabilia, something I'd never noticed before. No Fabulon, no revelation!

thombeau said...

Thanks, Andrew! (and the rest of you queens!) It wouldn't have been the same without you! I miss you all, and your silly comments.

Who knows what next year may hold?

(Am I a tease? Or simply a passive/aggressive bitch? You decide.)

The Other Andrew said...

Hey Thom, here's hoping 2009 is exciting and new!