Monday, November 17, 2008

5 Things About The Weekend Past: House Guest Edition

  • House guest weekend! Tall & Handsome was here for a flying visit, before taking off to do some work committments and coming back on Wednesday for another round of hot & sweaty sexing visit. Yay. It was so nice to hang out together, and as free of weirdness and awkwardness as I hoped it would be.
  • However, 2 light sleepers who both snore equals a recipe for sleep deprivation all round! Judicious napping (and occasional use of the sofa bed) was a help.
  • Friday's new job celebrations carried over into the weekend, with a special dinner treat at one of my favourite Thai restaurants.
  • Knitting! After skipping a week because of the Newtown Festival it was so nice to be back at the pub, hanging with my peeps and knitting on Sunday afternoon.
  • Speaking of knitting, Tall & Handsome and I made a trip into the Kinokuniya bookstore in the city on Saturday, and I found one of the few men's knitting books where I would wear just about everything in it. This one's definitely going on the wish list.


jason said...

Not jealous here at all.

(I *did* buy some new socks this weekend at the dollar store, however.)


The Other Andrew said...

You need to learn to knit those yourself buddy.

Ur-spo said...

If I send you some yarn, will you knit me a man too?

The Other Andrew said...

Sure, but I'm warning you I lose interest quickly. So he'd be a short one. Really short. Like, an accessory.