Friday, November 28, 2008

Finishing & Starting

My last day at my current employer today. Actually that's a bald faced lie, I offered to come in tomorrow (Saturday) to make sure that everything is actioned and neatened up, so my penultimate day today! Another staff member is leaving today too, and two new staff have started, so we're having a Hello! and Goodbye! lunch. There might be beers.

I have mixed emotions about the change, I like the people here but the workload is huge and the position I'm doing is likely going to disappear in the New Year. My new position is permanent and on a better rate of pay, but I worked there as a temp around 6 months ago and it's a very serious 'head down and do your work' environment. Still, it's the better option for me in these uneasy economic times.

Saddest of all I had to say goodbye to Coffee Guy and his wife. I've become really friendly with the sweet Persian couple who run the corner cafe, and Scarecrow - I think I'll miss them most of all. Which reminds me, when I left my last job at The Big Christian Charity I had the same deal, saying goodbye to the mother and daughter team of Judy & Fleur who ran the nearest cafe.

Good coffee is important in my life. I like to get to know my barista. Time to find a new one!


Tall and Handsome said...

I like getting to know *my* barista as well ;-D

Here's hoping there is excellent coffee near the new job.

The Other Andrew said...

Yes, well. I like to serve it up piping hot. :)