Wednesday, November 05, 2008

5 Things I Love: An Incomplete And Changeable List For Wednesday, 5th November

  • My Friends. I've become a lazy friend over the past year or so, but recently I've reconnected with a couple of my friends and it remainds me just how much I love them. (Note to self, get off your ass and keep in touch with people.)
  • Blogging. You know, comes and goes, but I'm feeling the love again.
  • Making things. Knitting is still going strong, but I'm itching to either repair my old sewing machine or buy a new one, because I'm feeling the need to put the treadle to the metal again.
  • My camera. It's official, we've tired of each other every now and then, grown distant and cool, but the passion is reignited.
  • A good cry. Currently I'm tuning in every week for a scheduled sob watching "Find My Family", the adoption reunion show. OMG. ::sniff::

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