Saturday, November 29, 2008

5 Things About Saturday, 29th November 2008: Divas Without Pants Edition

  • Last day at work ever! After my official last day yesterday that is! Until my new job on Monday that is! 13 hours of overtime in three days?... ohyesthankyouverymuch! (Tell the man with the money to come pay me - as Mizz RuPaul Charles would say)
  • Duffy! I loved Mercy... "I don't know what you do, but you do it well!" but then I discovered Rain On Your Parade. Oh. My. God. This song and I have pledged to be BFFs, pinkie swear and all. Thoughts: a) girlfriend can carry off the Liza-esque jacket sans trou, and that's not easy, and b) when she says "I hope you live on baby, so I can watch you cry." she gives me a little scared shiver. Don't push her, right?
  • My new motto - what this song needs is more timpani.
  • I bought more fabric today, because it was cheap and retro-y, and it was cheap... and well, he who dies with the most fabric wins. Apparently. (The same works for yarn. FYI.)
  • I could use a beer right now. I sure wish someone delivered.

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