Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Life magazine is progressively putting their photo archives online, in a joint project with Google. So now if you put the text source:life on the end of any photo search, it will search the millions of photos in the Life archives for matches.

Let's give it a whirl. What if I put in a few of my favourite things?...

swim 1930s source:life

The Yale Universtity swimming team, weight training for strength.
Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1937.

sailor 1940s source:life

US sailor. Photo by Carl Mydans, 1940.

homosexuality 1970s source:life

"Campaign poster for admitted homosexual, Jack Baker, running for President of
University of Minnesota Student Association." Photo by Grey Villet, 1971.

Not bad results! The photos/pictures go right back to the 1750s! I have some serious browsing to do. Please send food and beverages if I don't resurface in a day or so.


John C said...

And a sort of Flandrin-esque pose there, I may have to bundle that with the other photo you sent me recently!

I haven't dared look into the Life pics yet although it's great to have another substantial online picture resource to hand.

Mel said...

So did you come across this one yet?


The Other Andrew said...

John, the Flandrin-esque quality eluded me until you mentioned it. I was too distracted by the pumps I think!