Friday, August 24, 2007

We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off

Last night was the Unisex Amateur Strip Night that I mentioned yesterday. James and I met up for dinner at a local Vietnamese restaurant first, and then met Mark and Mikey (the lovely ex) at the Newtown Hotel around show time. It was only a weekly heat this time around, and frankly the turn out was a little disappointing. One actual contestant, and one member of the bar staff who they obviously convinced to get up and compete as well, so that they had a competition of sorts. This time there were no judges, just audience cheers to pick the winner.

Colin the barman won! The other guy was really crap!

It was a fun show though. There were 3 professional strip acts also; a very funny comedy strip routine by a woman in a full 'drag' body stocking suit complete with fun fur pubes and pits, a lovely burlesque style number by the current title holder of Miss Nude New South Wales, and a classic male stripper of the long haired 'hen's night' style (who was a bit dull). In addition, every week they give $50 to a punter from the audience to get up and strip, and this time around it was a skinny young chap with more nerve than body fat who got up and did the deed. (Oh and Therin, his only jewellery was a Star Trek communicator badge!) One lesson hard learnt, take your shoes off before dropping your pants on stage. Note to self!

So it was a fun night. So crowded that you felt like new intimacies were being forged with total strangers, even though all they were trying to do was get to the bar. Is that your groin or mine, good sir? The beer flowed. We had some good laughs. James and I had a lovely dinner beforehand. The only slight negative being the lack of competitors. I might wait a few weeks and go to the Grand Final next, which promises to be even more entertaining.


Mark said...

Your line about 'new intimacies' is very poetic, but I only remember being crushed by some chick with a buzz cut. Cool night though.

Therin of Andor said...

"... skinny young chap with a Star Trek communicator badge!"

Are you sure it wasn't me in the early 80s? ;)