Friday, August 31, 2007

Time To Start Catching Up

I've come to the realisation that through inaction (or budget constraints more likely) I have fallen woefully behind with technology. I have an ancient second-hand computer at home. I'm still on dial-up. I don't have an MP3 player of any sort. My VCR and DVD player both threw in the towel recently.

You might as well hand me parchment and a quill to write this blog with, right?

So, I have a plan. It'll be expensive but over the next 6 months I plan to invest in:

  • The black top end MacBook laptop
  • Broadband, preferably some sort of wireless set-up
  • One of the new generation iPods (apparently the line is being revamped at the moment)
  • A DVDR with hard drive

Nice, right? I mean, my balls tingle just at the thought of all those new gadgets. Oh and yes, it also means I'm switching to a Mac from Windows. When I was dating Morgan I used his MacBook when I was over at his house, and came around to the style and function of Macs.

Anyhoo. Aside from buying a new sofa and a few other things for the house, I think the tail end of 2007 and the start of 2008 will Gadget Time. How excitement!

[Updated: I realised that I almost sounded like I was accusing Apple of illegal price fixing, which I'm sure is not the case, so I've amended this entry.]


thombeau said...

How excitement, indeed! You can do it, too, prices keep going down. Then you can catch up on all those important Fabulon videos you've been missing! Amongst other things...

Here's to a bright and electronic future!

Ur-spo said...

i think going retro to parchment and quill sounds splendid
get a couple of dixiecups with string connecting them too.

Amanda said...

Apple doesn't fix prices (which is illegal of course) -- however the margin for resellers is so low it is not practical to go bargain basement. The Apple website sells stuff at RRP, but you can get it for cheaper at resellers.

You can use Windows on Macs but not OSX on PCs (without illicit hacking). So I think the monopolising goes more the other way actually.

Anyway those toys sound exciting! I know you want the latest shiny ones but if you want to save a bit and don't need absolutely the latest iPod/Mac check out the refurbished items they have for sale at (search for "refurbished" what they have changes often). These are ones that have been retuened for whatever reason, checked out and fixed if necessary and resold. They come with full 12 month warranty etc. I got my 20gb iPod for $149 (free shipping) that way, older model but great price.

Oh and Leopard is out soon, you might want to check the date for that when making the Macbook purchase.

Anyway, I already sound like a crazy eyed Apple evangelist, so I'll stop while I'm behind.

For broadband, have you seen Whirlpool? Thats for broadband geeks and they have a search function to find and compare all the plans. And the forums are a wealth of info about all providers and everything you need to know.

Maggie said...

I can't believe I just read that you're on dial-up.

The Other Andrew said...

I know, I know. (Only at home though.)

That was one of the more embarrassing things I've ever admitted to on this blog... and I've admitted to some pretty darn embarrassing things!

Partly it was because my PC is so cranky and ancient (like its owner)that I didn't see the point really. Not until I upgrade.

Lara said...

Remember there will prolly be new macbooks before Christmas - keep an eye on the buyers guide at

And I'm happy to offer advice on how to get a good deal, and what to buy (always get the warranty) :)

ARJ said...

I really covet one of the new iPods with the full screen display. The only down side would be the finger smudges.

We get ADSL through TPG and they are very reasonable & reliable. And we are thinking about getting a new wireless router, so we might be able to hook you up with that if you're interested (caveat: it sometimes overheats & you have to unplug the power & plug it back in).

mrpeenee said...

The Other Andrew said...
That was one of the more embarrassing things I've ever admitted to on this blog... and I've admitted to some pretty darn embarrassing things!

Sweetie, I admitted I like Beyonce. Top that.

The Other Andrew said...

Um... oh there was the time... no...maybe that one other time when... no...

Sorry mrpeenee, I can't.

non-Blondie said...

once you go mac, you never go back...I like to fall asleep whispering lovingly that I'll never leave it, and stroking its sleek surface. a pox on windows!

Kenyo said...

While you are out there shopping for gadgets don't forget to buy some fabulous shoes to set off your SuperFabulous homemade socks.

Tyson said...

Everyone else has given you all the great advice I was going to give you, so instead let me say what Apple legally can't say in their advertising:

"Buy an Apple. It WILL make you cooler."

I switched to an iBook then to my Macbook. The machine is a beast and I avoid Windows at all costs. Macs really are fantastic for photography - everything looks so pretty. Can I suggest you try out Adobe Lightroom (which I think is PC/Mac anyway?)

I also don't have an iPod. I do, however, have some odd brand 20 gig player which also does mic and line in recording but the thing has so many cables and crap that I barely use it.

I've told myself that if, come the 5th of September, the new iPods have wireless and a web browser, like the iPhone, I'll buy one. If it doesn't, I'll save my pennies and buy an iPhone once the unlocking scandal settles down.

And remember this when you're spending all that money... You're about to be a BETTER PERSON.

jason said...

oh, when I escaped the dial up last year...
the miracle!
Of course I had to sell my firstborn child into white slavery...but it was money well spent.

Ur-spo said...

say what is going on down there?
i have heard of people in alice eating feral cats, and a wall going up around sydney? what is true?

The Other Andrew said...

Dr Spo,
a)Half true. One crazy lady suggested we start eating feral cats to try and eliminate our feral cat problem. Tastes like chicken, apparently.
b)True! Your George W is here this week (along with Asia Pacific leaders) for the APEC meeting, and as a gift to the citizens of Sydney a huge chunk of the city has been surrounded with a temporary Berlin Wall. Nice! Whole sections of the city, including all around the Opera House are no go zones.

Quatrefoil said...

Have a look at the Virgin Broadband options - they do both a home phone and a mobile broadband which look like good deals - I'm planning to switch over to them mostly because Telstra are so woefully incompetent.